Easter Celia Frattarelli - Annemarie Cappurccini - Rebecca March

This WebQuest is designed for upper grade elementary students learning about the history, different cultural traditions and secular customs relating to Easter.

Introduction - What characterizes your Easter holiday? Do you paint eggs, wake up to baskets filled with chocolate bunny's, go to Church, or go on egg hunts? Ask a group of friends about what they do!


Task - Write a creative poem that demonstrates your new knowledge relating to the history of Easter, different cultural traditions found throughout the globe and secular traditions that have defined the holiday in the 21st century. Make sure to include the origin of the holiday and the ways in which it is celebrated throughout the world, both in religious and non-religious households. Make it personal, relating to your own experiences sharing how you and your family spend this holiday and how it differs from others!

Process - Read through the questions below and see if you know any of the answers. Visit the following websites to find out some more information and use https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X29pZ7Ug_5oDFEXroAPJqd9i29sR1IzG82yIfeUEV08/edit, an online collaboration sheet, to record any new and interesting facts you've learned.




1. Where does the name "Easter" originate from?

3. What is Lent and how long does it last?

5. What is the week before Easter known as? What is celebrated on these days?

6. How do different countries celebrate this holiday?

7. What customs are found in the Christian church that define the meaning of Easter?

8. What are secular traditions that have infiltrated into American society that do not relate to Jesus' resurrection?

After completing the online collaboration, refer back to the task and create a poem relating to the information you have learned. Feel free to do this on a piece of construction paper make it your own by decorating it with pictures and color.

Lastly, when you are completely done all the steps listed above, fill out this short reflection found through the link below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0E32N05E4dWm2cnD8N2PLR-HKpFbxfCZ0AKi6TMD5-CD4Vg/viewform?c=0&w=1

Evaluation - Use this rubric to guide your thoughts and responses while completing this WebQuest.

Conclusion - Congratulations you have completed your WebQuest! I hope that you have learned more about Easter, the real meaning behind it, and will have a great time celebrating with your family! Please enjoy your chocolate, egg races, and parties, however, do not forget that on the third day Jesus rose! That is why we celebrate! The empty grave means God paved the way for humans to spend eternity with him! Throughout this exploration, I hope you now a new appreciation for the true meaning of Easter and the greatest gift humanity ever received! Happy Easter!


Created with images by LubosHouska - "easter holiday hare" • Alexas_Fotos - "easter easter eggs colorful" • geralt - "cross sunset sunrise" • frankbeckerde - "person clinic cross" • kud4ipad - "Kiev still alive and wait for Easter" • stux - "easter bunny easter rabbit" • Didgeman - "christ jesus religion" • Koshyk - "Easter Approaching" • USACE Europe District - "Volunteers put together Easter Egg Hunt for USACE children in Europe" • Skitterphoto - "church altar mass"

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