Water & Nation by brandon anquino

Water changes your aspects of developments


Of course, we all know that water is important to drink. But have you ever thought that does it change you state of mind or development? In Africa, there are people drinking dirty water from probably the sewer where it makes people get sick or even die from drinking dirty water that some people don't even notice/think when they start drinking. It's probably affecting them because some of them are poor, hungry, weak & skinny-boned. 5,000 children die of dirty water a day in Africa, some kids want to have clean water and they wait for a year, which 2 million kids die. Including African men & women & kids.

Saran Kaba Jones is a founder at FACE (fund-a-child's-education) organization which where they made clean water. She is important because she helps people in Africa to stop drinking the dirty water. She was born in Liberia & she / they had to move when it was the country's civil war. Her family was in devastation when she was 8 years old. 22 years later she went back, she saw that it was a mess, there were people drinking dirty water.

"I decided to focus specifically on water because the issue of water really crosses all aspects of development, it affects education, health, gender issues, so for me there was nothing more basic than the issue of water" - Saran Kaba Jones

This quote means that water can affect your life & how water can be important. It can tell in your future when you drink water. The central idea should be that "Water affects your life & mind" because it tells you what water does to you, it helps you on school, your body, your gender orientation / issues or how you live. Saran fights for water so where she was born, poor kids / people can drink clean water, March 22 is world water day and it's important to drink water.

"water issues is women's ussues so once you solve the water's crisis you not only solve help but you also allows girls to go to school. women to pro- to focus more to productive activities like go to markets, um. and selling & farming-" - Saran Kaba Jones

This quote was said in an interview in "Arise Entertainment 360" in a video, Go and See it!

In an Interview, Saran Kaba Jones was talking about how women and water have something in common because when water is solved, women can be more productive about clean water that makes you be healthy. 90% water is in your body.

"In fight for gender equality in africa, clean water plays a key role" - Saran Kaba Jones (written by: unknown)

Saran was inspired by the water that is drinked by people, which was dirty & all were getting sick. Just by cleaning water she feels almost like a hero, it can help women feel non-healthy & they can make anything possible

Nation helps people (especially women.) & have justice of things

Nation = Community, We have to help the community to be strong, before in history black people were slaves, male & female.

Winnie Mandela is Nelson Mandela's 2nd Wife, She was called "mother of nation" & she was called like that for her form of activism and leadership during the apartheid era. On the other side, Mandela is vilified for her alleged involvement in criminal and violent activities, for all of her suspected heinous actions. Her connection in 1988 to the death of fourteen year-old Stompei

"Together, hand in hand, with our matches and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country."

Winnie Mandela was special also because she was Nelson Mandela's wife. (Nelson was a president before) Winnie made rights and had leadership inside her and proved that we can do this together, (she was in this era that was called the apartheid era"). Woman inspired her to be a leader, such as; Albertina Sisulu, Florence Matomela, Frances Baard, Kate Molale, Ruth Mompati, Hilda Bernstein & Ruth First. But, she did have some struggles in the future, she once did a decision that was taken by arrested winnie not to apply for immediate bail, but to rather spend two weeks in prison as a sign of further protest. During these weeks, the pregnant Winnie saw first hand the squalid conditions of South African prisons, and her commitment to the struggle only intensified.

Winnie has rights and fights for all too. not just for women, nation is every body that is in the community, she wants to help all for their nation.


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