Newsletter 26th June 2020

Headteacher Comment

.A very short message from me this week. Firstly, thank you so much for your continued support during this period. The partial reopening of Greenfields has been really successful and that in part is thanks to you all. To those of you who continue to support your child at home and are fully engaging in online learning - THANK YOU. To those of you who are bringing your children to school daily and adhering completely to the new stringent staggered start and finishing times - THANK YOU.

And finally, I just wanted to signpost all of your child's Google Classroom and Tapestry where your child will receive an invitation to a Teams class meeting with their teacher. If you would like to opt your child out of the live meeting, please contact the school office to let them know and they will inform your child's class teacher. During the Teams meeting your child's class teacher will be reviewing the year with the class as well as letting them know who their teacher will be next year. We do hope that you can help your child be part of the conversation to aid a settled transition for them into their next year at Greenfields.

Take care and have a lovely weekend

Mrs Appleby

Actions and Reactions

This week has been all about 'cause and effect' in the 2 Year Old room. The children have explored the many ways in which their movements and actions can cause a reaction or have an impact on the things around them. They watched how water can make the boats move faster down the water cascade and made marks with their hands in flour. They finished the week by enjoying scrumptious ice lollies in the nursery garden.


This week the Key Worker group have been learning about Italy. On Monday they learnt about the Italian flag and went on to make flags in the Italian colours. On Tuesday they made the Leaning Tower of Pisa out of Lego. On Wednesday they learnt about the Venice Carnival and made carnival masks. On Thursday they made chef's hats and planned a recipe for making the delicious pizzas that were made by the children on Friday. Fantastico!

Italy in the Key Workers Group

Year 3 Magic

This week Year 3 have been learning their new text 'Leon and the Place Between'. The children learnt all about what happens to things when they disappear during magic tricks. The theme of magic continued as they looked at the text 'The Magic Paintbrush' during their Talk 4 Writing sessions. The children were asked to think about all the weird and wonderful things they could make come to life if they had their own magic object. They even got the chance to practise and perform their very own magic tricks! You can check out their awesome learning on Padlet:https://padlet.com/dwensley/ae4twvh4twszoemo

This Week's Stars Are:

  • Michaela from Ladybirds
  • Leila from Busy Bees
  • Harry from Dragonflies
  • John B from Happy Hyenas
  • Sinem from Terrific Tigers
  • Ameliah from Excellent Elephants
  • Oliver from Smart Snakes
  • Charlotte K from Cheeky Monkeys
  • Eryn from Marvellous Meerkats
  • Maryam from Powerful Panthers
  • Sharna from Remarkable Rhinos
  • Simge from Champion Cheetahs
  • Alex from Super Sharks
  • Kyle B from Proud Lions
  • Raven from Soaring Eagles.

Year 1 in the Garden

In Science this week, Year One planted their very own seeds! The children are hoping to grow cress and broad beans and they will water them every day!

Terrific Tigers

Golden Eggs in the Classroom

Year One had an exciting start to their Tuesday morning this week as they found a golden egg in their classroom! They were unsure how it got there but think it may have been left by a dragon! This activity has prepared them to start their new English unit based on a defeat the monster tale called ‘George and the Dragon’.

Terrific Tigers find a mysterious golden egg!

Picnic for the Busy Bees

This week our Busy Bees class in reception have enjoyed a picnic in the garden #gottolovesummer

Enjoying the Sunshine

Our amazing Year 6 bubbles are not only learning, but safely enjoying the sunshine in the shady areas of the school grounds and keeping socially distanced from one another.

Year 6 - Soaring Eagles enjoying art in the shad of the trees

DRET Art Challenge

DRET set another Trust-wide challenge to find a landscape and remodel it. Mrs Holdcroft was very impressed with Roberto from Proud Lions creation.

Roberto from Proud Lions

DRET History Challenge

Congratulations to Rhea from Cheeky Monkeys for her award

Don't forget to join us all in following the daily Joe Wicks PE lessons.

School Uniform

Compulsory School Uniform

Please place orders with Karlsports. They are fully stocked with all items in all available sizes of Greenfields Primary School and Nursery uniform. Please make orders through the Karlsports website as the shop is currently closed due to social distancing rules.

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Dates for your Diary

Last day of Term - Thursday 16th July 2020

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