It is a tropical island with a tropical environment with a tropical rainforest on the side of the island that is only for hunting or scavenging for more food. The available housing is either on the island domes or the underwater domes for a under the sea view.

Jobs that the community has for people to work is in the school or in the fun hall where kids can go after school to have a some fun.

Other jobs are fishing and hunting in the tropical rainforest, and also working in the hydroelectricity island close to the community to provide electricity for the community.

The Government is set up of the president and 3 governors. When they cannot serve and have to retire of old age which is 50, their is a small election in the community.

Laws & Rules

  • > Everyone starts working at age 10 > At age 4, they begin school > Lights out at 12:00 a.m. > Everyone must provide for the community(by the age needed to) > The maximum people per dome is 10 (each dome is about 2 acres).

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