Being 15 in France By: Janie linford (8th Hour)

France is located in western Europe, widely known for its' popular landmark of the Eiffel Tower. However, there is more to France than just it's Eiffel Tower. What would it be like to live there as a teen?

Being 15 in France is busy but not ordinary, especially because of school and the trends.

In France a lot of pressure is put on education because of its importance. This could be a challenge and require a lot of work (Kranz).

Education is very competitive and structured especially because of the emphasis put on it. Teens completely focus on academics in school (Kranz). Not only that but teens parents typically work a lot causing their lives to be very busy, at home and at school.

Having a lot of pressure and stress being put on the education system causes teens to have to work extra hard to make the good grade. Going the extra mile to meet expectations adds more chaos into daily lives and makes a teen's life busy.

However, being 15 in France is different, fun, cool, extraordinary. Especially because of the fashion.

In France the fashion world is really big. From boys to girls, everyone tries to keep up with the styles (Kranz). The opportunity presents itself for individuality and inspiration to come up and create a unique look but still following the trend.

In America there are always some styles that come and go but not always a big trend floating around as often or as big as there is in France. It's different to have everyone participating and always staying in with the trends naturally, to always look there best.

Keeping up with the trends and fashion teens try to fit in and match their language. However, in France language purity is very important. Slang is not allowed nor are incorporated English words. The society is expected to keep up the original language to cling on to the standards of being French (Kranz).

Sleepovers are unheard of and it's very rare for a girl to be allowed to spend a whole day with her friends at the weekend, especially out of the house. (Living In France)

The customs and expectations in France for teens around the age of 15 are different from many other locations, causing it to be a busy place out of the "ordinary".

Through the process of making connections I identified how privileged I am and how much I have been given.

In France teens and their parents are always absorbed in their tasks and jobs. Typically in France both parents work while their children are always involved in school or extracurricular activities, causing parents to have to constantly work hard to even involve themselves in their kids' lives (Kranz).

I can imagine how it would feel to always have your parents to busy to ask about your day or keep up with much of your life. Sometimes my dad has to leave on business trips sometimes even for weeks, and my mom becomes really busy taking care of my six siblings and I. It's sad having everyone in your family to busy and no one to keep up with you.

Not only that but having the lack of freedom in France would be hard as well. There can be many problems of sexism throughout the country, where boys are given more freedom ("I Don't Belong Here). Occasionally my brothers are allowed to go places or do whatever they please while I am not permitted to do so. It's hard not to have that equality and freedom others may have.

However, in my life I am given a lot of freedom, attention, connections, and free time making me very privileged. At times I experience what it is like to lose those things and I realize how much I am given, making me able to connect and understand with how other lives are. Especially with 15 year old teens in France.

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