SCS Newsletter 28.02.2020

Dear Parents, Carers, and Families,

Lower School Updates: It was lovely to welcome all the children back after the half term. I hope you had a lovely week at home despite all the rain! In lower school this week there have been lots of pancakes made, flipped and tasted! Daffodil class have been reading the story 'The tiny seed' and are starting to learn about plants growing and they will be planting some seeds to watch grow. It is going to be quite cold and wet still so please make sure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather. We are all getting our thinking hats on for our costumes for World Book Day on the 5th March to celebrate our favourite story books.

Upper School Updates: Welcome back from the half term holiday to all of our Upper School students! We hope families all had a super break and return feeling refreshed and ready to go. The first week back is always an important one for reestablishing routines and setting in place good structures which will help our students to thrive this half term. Thank you to all the class teams and therapists for everything they do to make this happen. One highlight of this week in Upper School have been two trips to the English Folk Dance and Song Society! The school choir visited this week to rehearse together with other London schools in preparation for the upcoming Royal Albert Hall performance. Good luck to the Choir!

Other News

Anna Kennedy Online (AKO) Autism Expo event at Brunel University London on Saturday 28th March: AKO is a charity dedicated to raising awareness of autism to help support and inform families and carers. The tickets are £10 per adult and all children under 16 are free. For more information please use this link: https://akoautismexpo.co.uk/

Change to school meal prices from April 2020

We write to advise you that meal prices will be going up with effect from the beginning of the summer term, 20th April 2020. Primary meals will increase from £2.18 to £2.22 and adult meals and secondary meals price from £2.29 to £2.33.

In summary, the new prices will be as follows:

Primary/primary special meal price - £2.22

Secondary special school meal price - £2.33

Adult meal - £2.33

Secondary free meal - £2.33

Please note that VAT is not charged on any meal.

For any questions or queries please contact Shola Matiluko on 020 7974 4518 or shola.matiluko@camden.gov.uk

Term Dates Reminder:

Spring Term 2020: Monday 6th January to Friday 3rd April 2020

Spring Holiday: Monday 6th April to Friday 17th April 2020


All learners in early years were happy to be back at school, seeing their friends and exploring their favourite places.

We started our new story 'Day Monkey, Night Monkey' and had lots of fun with lights in dark spaces.

Informal Pathway

The pupils in Marie Curie Class use different areas of the school and playground to carry out their physiotherapy programmes.

Semi-Formal Pathway

The learners in the lower school have been doing some great communicating with their many different methods.

Some were using their hi-tech AAC skills while others worked on their Makaton signing. Well done to all of the lower school for your hard work this term!

Formal Pathway

This week Malala class had fun making sweet and savoury pancakes. The learners were completely independent making the batter and were fantastic when following instructions to cook them.

Some learner even has a go at flipping the pancakes!

Sixth Form

The Card & Design team have been commissioned to make a range of bespoke designs this week including a card for a dogs 1st birthday and a wedding invitation. Students have enjoyed not only creating the art work, but learning how to scan their work using the photocopier onto the computer for editing.

Useful Information

Other Important Dates:

- 5th March 2020, World Book Day