Cultural identity malik martinez

I would like to learn more about the Belizean side of my family because I really never got to see that cultural side of my family. My definition of cultural identity is like what makes you you, because its has to do with your religion, the way you talk, etc...

My most identified ethnicity is my is my Mexican side but i wanna talk about my black side because i never really got to learn about it . my dad would tell me some stuff about our culture but i never understood my full cultural side.

My black side of my family is from different places. My dad was born in California city of Los Angeles. My grandma is from Guatemala but she passed away so I couldn't get further than that. My grandpa is from Belize in the city of Stann Creek and I couldn't get any more information from my him because he's always traveling to different countries so I never see him or talk to him.

My black side of the family speaks two languages which is English and Garifuna. My family mainly speaks in garifuna when im around them because they grew up talking in that language. I cant speak it because I was never taught how to speak that way. I tried to learn it but some stuff is to hard to remember. i hope one day i will be able to speak garifuna fluently.

my dads side traditionally eats everything with this bread called cassava bread its pretty good. my family likes to eat stuff like plan-tine, fish beans, rice. well have plates like fish beans cassava bread and rice. I don't really eat that stuff because I only eat it when I visit family from Belize.

the most specific paintings in Belizean culture is black people living life on a beach. Another specific one is women carrying baskets on their heads. there is a famous artist that is Belizean and he has a lot of good paintings, his name is Curvin Mitchell he was born in April 1971 in west belize. He has many paintings of belizean people on the beach.

A Belizean artist named Andy Palacio made Belizean music. It was a genre called Punta music, that had garifuna music in it. Andy has a popular song in Belize called "Gimme Punta rock" because it was one of the most liked song. Another one of his greatest hits is called "bikini panty. Andy is currently dead though.


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