Neil Leifer By:meadow ramos

Neil Leifer is born (December 28, 1942) he is alive.
Leifer's work consisted of multiple famous athletes/many different sports, many of these photos are used as works of art in museums and more.
Leifer did not have any specific techniques while capturing some of his most famous shots including this one shown here although he did use composition, and depth of field.
Leifer worked as a staff photographer for one of the top sports magazines "Sports Illustrated"
Leifer prefers Nikon cameras but does not uses the brands lenses because he believes other brands have better quality lenses he uses a , 400mm kilfit currently.
The lighting that leifer would capture his photos were more coloful and spot on because he did shoot sports.
Hy Peskin, Marvin Newman, John Zimmerman and George Silk were some of what Leifer called his "Heroes" he looked up to them and wished to be as good as them.
He's captured some of the most famous photos of muhammed ali and claimed he's mainly known for those pictures he also claimed that shooting those photos gave him some of the most thrill in his life.
I personally don't care much for the sports that he would shoot but I do like how the photos he did take seemed kind of dramatic.
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Meadow Ramos

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