Wintour´s World By alexa donovan

Wintour´s World

Who has the power to change a fashion designer's entire collection with a facial expression? Who has the ability to turn down pre-paid two million dollar photoshoots and articles? Who has inspired so many movies and books? I’m talking about the fashion powerhouse, Anna Wintour.

Successful Start

Anna Wintour started off at a very young age and had many important jobs and was successful right from the start. Prior to becoming the Editor in Chief of vogue, Anna worked at multiple magazines.Some of these magazines are; Harper's Bazaar, Viva, Savvy, British Vogue, and Home and Garden. In 1988, Anna landed the Editor In Chief job at American Vogue, after many high-profile jobs. This was the beginning of Anna’s very successful career in one of the world's toughest industries-fashion. Anna greatly impacted the fashion world even before Vogue.

Anna is wearing her signature sunglasses and classic bob.

The Start of Something New

From the start, Anna knew how to successfully run a magazine. After working at more than 5 major corporations, Wintour came into to the American Vogue scene knowing what to do. Right when Anna started, she already made several changes. Anna ended the Supermodel Era. Wintour replaced the supermodels on all the covers with celebrities and public figures.Also, Anna was the first person to mix low and high fashion items; on a cover, she dressed a model in $50 jeans and a $10,000 shirt. Due to her prior knowledge and a strong work ethic,Anna truly knew how to successfully run a magazine when she first started,.

The model shown is wearing a $10,000 shirt and $50 jeans.

Complete Remodeling

Every magazine Wintour worked at, she knew exactly how to make it better- change it! Wintour had a new woman in mind. Instead of rich and leisured women, Anna wanted women that are energetic, have lots of interests, and make money of their own to read Vogue. When Anna worked at Home and Garden, she even changed the publications title to HG! Also while working at Home and Garden, Anna turned down articles and photoshoots that were worth $2 million, and were pre paid. Wintour also ended an era! Instead of supermodels. Anna prefered celebrities.Anna completely changed magazines, for the better.

"I am the Condé Nast hit man... I love coming in and changing magazines." - Anna Wintour

Changing the World, One Good Deed at a time

There is no doubt that Anna has changed the fashion world and the average consumer. Anna impacted the world and made contributions in so many ways. In 2008, Obama recruited Anna for the arts committee. Anna was chosen along with some of the most prestigious members of the arts industry in the United states. Anna also raised money for charity, including, the 9/11 fund and founded the CFDA Vogue fashion fund. Anna gets special seats at fashion shows because she is so important. Anna has impacted the world by donating money, helping the president, started a fund, and gets everything she requests because she's so above everyone else. Anna also inspired the book and movie, The Devil Wears Prada, by: Lauren Weisberger, who worked for Wintour.

"The thing about Lauren's book and this film is that I do not think fiction could surpass the reality," said a fashion editor from the United kingdom, writing about The Devil Wears Prada. "You only have to see Anna's requests for seats at the New York shows to get an inkling of how art in this instance is only a poor imitation of life. Most of us just ask for seats in the first or second row. She has her people request a seat from which she will not have to see or be seen by specific rival editors. We spend our working lives telling people which it-bag to carry but Anna is so above the rest of us she does not even have a handbag. She has a limo. And she has her walkers [Vogue staff members] Andre Leon Talley and Hamish Bowles, whose main job is to carry her bits around for her."

Overall, Wintour has changed both the regular world and the fashion world. From the start, she has been a great role model for young and old people and always worked hard to reach her goal


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