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Modern Art Oxford

This gallery was originally founded in 1966 and is World renowned for producing exhibitions that are innovative and influential.

It is a reflection of contemporary visuals culture and represents society today, thus relating the new with the old when referencing back to Rivers Pitt Museum. It is a platform to allow artists to create new relationships with a 21st century audience.

Kiki Kogelnik: Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me To The Moon were produced by Kogelnik during her time in New York in the 1960s and 1970s. The artwork relfects the time of the cold war era and the race for Space was clearly a priorty for Russia & America. During this time, there were growing concerns for nuclear war.

Maybe Kiki at this time reflected what would happen to mankind if this was to have ever occured. It reminds me slightly of previous genocide images that you see, relating to organisation of the figures, and yet one could say the "radio-active colours" are representational of nuclear threat.

images : B. Stewart (2015)

Josh Kilne

It was like the Teletubbies had grown up into Stormtroopers and where now feeding a different type of message.

I felt that the exhibition was Yet all of the people who were projected on the video, were morphed into a generic looking person.

Kline uses Obama President’s 2009 inaugural speech which has augmented with facial substitution software,

Kline is highlighting the breakdown of privacy rights within the 21st century. The real identity of the people is never shown, and it was eerie in the sense of a feeling of a "new world order"

How does it relate to Pitt Rivers

In a 100 years from now, are anthropologists going to be looking at Artists work to help study our culture, thinking and social demographic?

The answer would be yes... Everything that we create that identifies the cultural thinking and ethos at the time, would be considered an artefact.iki & Kilne have about 50 years between them, but yet the fear of political and social change is still there, whether it be nuclear war or privacy rights, these artists are reflecting it, in their art. The art work will one day become an artefact.

Film Studio Room
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