My happylife home

From the exterior, my home look like a modern home. At the back,there's a big pool. The color of the water is purple during the night and during the day it turquoise. On the side of the house, there's place to do some sports like soccer, basketball,etc. And on the other side, there's a BBQ, table... to make party with my friends sometime.

Inside, half of my home look like a gymnasium. Each piece it's a sport. There's five rooms. One for soccer, for basketball, volleyball, badminton and one for fitness. In each one there's the material for the sport. And in fitness room there's some stationary bikes,treadmills,etc.

The other half of my home looks like a normal home. There's two bathrooms, one living room, three bedrooms, one kitchen,etc. In the living room, there's a giant screen on the wall to watch television.

The batrooms have a theme, the ocean.In one there are a toilet, a shower, a mirror, a sink and a counter. And in the other there's a bath to replace the shower. But in each of her you feel like you are in the ocean.

The kitchen looks like a normal kitchen.

In the bedrooms there's a bed and a big closet.

On the second floor, there's a room to relax and read. And in a other room there's a library.

In the basement there's a big cinema room and a play room. The play room looks like a arcade room.

St├ęphanie Roy/260 words

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