RMS Gateways Fall 2018

Gateways is one of four integrated programs at Radnor Middle School. The program focuses on elements of STEAM throughout the core subjects. Below is a brief snapshot of some of the activities of the first part of the year.


A few Ice-breaker building challenges to foster creativity and teamwork under pressure.

First Day Build Challenge Tallest Tower (Marshmallows & Spaghetti Noodles)
Build Challenge (Tallest Paper Tower)

ankle foot orthosis engineering challenge

Students were asked to create an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) prototype for someone with Cerebral Palsy (CP). The activity allowed the students to use self-discovery concerning the Engineering Design Process.

Students used general classroom materials to build a prototype design.
Students documented their process, in order to present to the class.
Class presentations to explain their unique design features

da vinci siege machines (catapults)

Students learned about Leonardo da Vinci's many different engineering ideas. The siege machine construction allowed the students to put one of those ideas into action. The class then competed to find out which catapult's could launch the furthest.


future City interviews

Students prepared resumes and learned what type of preparation is needed for a professional interview. Students were interviewed by various faculty and administrators, including Superintendent Ken Batchelor!

Happy Cube Mechanical Dissection

Students learned how to dissect (take something apart) in a logical way to learn about how that object is designed. Students were then able to sketch each piece isometrically and as a multi-view.

Students had to figure out how to take the Happy Cube apart and still be able to put it back together.
Documenting each step was key.
Students sketched the individual pieces.
Using a dial caliper to measure to the thousandth of an inch.
Adding dimensions to their multi-view sketch

Bergmann Associates Field Trip

To kick off our Future City competition, Gateways visited Bergmann Associates, in Conshohocken, to talk to various types of engineers about what to consider for their Future City.


Puzzle cube design

As a continuation of the students Design & Modeling unit, the students created 3x3x3 puzzle cubes. Students learned about criteria and constraints, as well as, how to use Google SketchUp to create a digital model of their puzzle piece.

Hunger Day 2018 Canstruction

Best Overall Presentation

Eastern University planetarium

A rare sunny day in November allowed Max, Jill, and Luke a chance to see the Sun close up. This followed an informative presentation, led by Dr. David Bradstreet, in the University's planetarium.


Roller Coaster Lab

The Giver Quizizz Challenge

Top 10
21 Students scored over 80% out of 165 questions
Congrats to Chris Tyburski
The Final Top 10

Declaration of independence

"break-up letter" Public Reading

rube Goldberg machines

Students were tasked with creating a Rube Goldberg machine based on the 6 simple machines: lever, pulley, wheel & axle, wedge, inclined plane, and screw.

The class then connected all 60 simple machines into 1 giant Rube Goldberg machine

future city 2019

Students submitted the Essay and Virtual City Presentation on December 17th.

The Essay Team
The Virtual Model Team

Currently in progress are the Presentation and Physical Model construction.

The competition takes place on Saturday, January 19th at Archbishop Carroll High School.

To be continued...

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