The Scuttlebutt North Dakota Veterans Home 2019

Peggy Haake, VFW National Auxiliary President, visits the North Dakota Veterans Home.

Barb Danielson, ND VFW Department Auxiliary President, called with the news that she had a special guest wanting to tour the Veterans Home. The very special guest hales all the way from Kahului, Hawaii, National President, Peggy Haake, of the VFW Auxiliary.

National VFW Auxiliary President Visit

The residents gave President Peggy and her ND VFW Auxiliary family a warm North Dakota welcome.
VFW members and VFW Auxiliary members joined President Peggy for the day of visiting residents and staff in Lisbon in the Art Studio where all visited over rolls, fruit, and coffee.
Pictured from l to r Christie (McMahon) Urbach, National President Peggy, Kathy (McMahon) Sommerfeld, Sheila (McMahon) Elijah, not pictured is Sally(McMahon) Iverson.

For the McMahon sisters this was a very special day. Belonging to the VFW Auxiliary is part of their heritage; their mother Geraldine McMahon was an active member as well as those who went before her. The legacy lives on through Heidi Josdass and Lisa Mangin, Christi’s daughters, who are both team members at the NDVH. Heidi is currently President of the Lisbon VFW Frank Sommerfeld Auxiliary Unit #3365.

Let me start by thanking you for your time and money you have donated to the North Dakota Veterans Home. With your generosity we have been able to do numerous things at the Veterans Home. We have been able to fund bingo games, do cookouts and sponsor artists and musicians to come in and entertain the residents. The Veterans Home woodshop is equipped with tools that any wood worker would love to use. With the help of Robin Bratlie, Doc Hanson, and Kevin Clauson numerous new projects are emerging from the wood shop on a regular basis. We have been able to work with a local artist and other individuals to help the residents with projects in the Art Studio. The residents had a class on painting a fall scene on canvas, tile plates, leather crafting and designing Christmas ornaments. We have numerous things happening at the Veterans Home this summer. We will witness the demolition of the commandant’s house, old shop, well house, pump house and two tunnels on campus. But with those changes come new opportunities. We will be building a memorial garden that will feature many walking paths with flowers, shrubs and trees for everyone to enjoy that is in a shape of a star. It is designed to honor the veterans and all branches of service. This was designed by our new Executive Secretary Belinda Noonan. We continue to deal with a low census on Basic Care, but we are working with an organization that will assist us with some ideas to get our census up. With having little to no budget to advertise, we need to get the word out there that North Dakota Veterans Home is the best kept secret in the state. In closing, I want to thank you for your donations and time spent working with the Veterans Home. If you have a friend, or family member needing short term or long-term placement keep us in mind. Sincerely, Mark B. Johnson, Administrator

2019-2020 American Legion Department Chaplain, Karen Hutchins

Greetings from 2019-2020 American Legion Department (North Dakota) Chaplain, Karen Hutchins. With great excitement, I assumed the responsibilities at the AL State convention in June 2019. Chances are you have seen me in the North Dakota Veteran’s Home, as I am there quite often, visiting residents, hosting sing-alongs or rehearsing music in the Town Hall, preaching at the Sunday chapel Service or just attending some of the wonderful events there! I look forward to getting to know more of you in months to come, but for now, a bit of my history:

I joined the United States Marine Corps soon after High School graduation. I have been active in the American Legion since 2013, and I now serve as Lisbon Post 7 Adjutant and Chaplain, as well as the North Dakota Department Chaplain. My husband (Hutch) and I moved to Lisbon in 2016, where he pastors First Baptist Church in Lisbon and Forman Community Church in Forman. I lead worship and Bible Studies, and occasionally filling in for him, when he’s away. I have written two books, Protective Custody Miracles Can Happen When God Has You Right Where He Wants You(2006) and No Strings Attached The Unconditional Love of the Savior(coming out soon.).It is my pleasure to present for you, in the Scuttlebutt. a series of original articles I hope you enjoy them.

I look out my dining room window at a magnificent 30-foot Colorado Blue Spruce tree. Although it has been standing for about 20 years, I have admired it for only the past few years, since we moved to this wonderful small town. To me, it is still new, still fresh.

Going into a new year, with our old attitudes and mind sets, can only hinder our progress. Our walk with God is an adventure that changes and evolves moment by moment. If our eyes are looking at unfinished past issues, we can’t see what God is calling us to see today. If we can’t see what He wants us to see, how can we do what He wants us to do?

No matter what the last year was like for you, go forward. If it was good, don’t look back. If it was bad, don’t look back. Either way, don’t look back.

Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo

It pays to know the right people. Sonny Johnson is pictured with his grandson, Adam, Adam's wife, Annie, and their children, Skylar and Levi. Adam's friend, Kari Johnson, just happens to be the Dietary Manager at the North Dakota Veterans Home. The common thread that truly ties the Johnson's together is their love for animals. In July of 2019 this group of amazing people loaded up farm animals of all sizes and created a Petting Zoo in the Courage Cove/Freedom Ridge Courtyard. The pictures speak louder than words with the joy the residents experienced as they toured the zoo. Thank you to all who were involved in creating this terrific event.

Jeff is thinking this is a great activity.
Wally and Kristi visit about the jersey calf.
Richard admires Kari Johnson's horse and foal.
Brad gives the sheep and goat a little attention.
Wally surely had a hardy giggle as he came upon this mini horse.

Art Studio and Woodshop

Art Studio and Woodshop

Due to generous donations from service organizations and individuals, residents have been able to use cutting edge technology while practicing their craft.

Robert is pictured with his garden gnome that was later glazed and kilned.
Arlene crafted a gnome with braids.
Bill faithfully takes time to paint and finish the ever-popular Cornhole games that are made in the woodshop.
Keith had fun designing a mosaic tile frame.
Lois is clearly having a good time prepping her mosaic tile piece.
Shellie Sauer, Art Instructor; has held several art classes in the art studio which were well attended.
As you can see, we have some talented artists in residence.

The Rug Whisperer

Viola had one condition before she moved into the North Dakota Veterans Home; her loom would come with her. It did not take long to find the perfect spot in the Art Studio for her loom.
Viola has been creating rugs for many years and has passed her talent on to her children. Viola and her sons have demonstrated their craft at several art fairs throughout the years.
Veterans Home visitors are able to purchase these rugs in the Art Studio. If you are lucky you might catch Vi on her loom!

Woodshop Projects

Elmer, with the help of Kevin Clauson, Woodshop Supervisor, created this desk. He is now in the process of making a replica!
Gordon had fun creating this scenery piece in the woodshop.
The buck on this magnet was added with our 3D printer. The Woodshop is currently working on an order of these to be used as coasters.

Supper Club

Supper Club

When the weather allows, there are several residents that enjoy going out for “Supper Club.” Upon their return, the residents typically give a report about where they went and how the food was. However, it was not until recently visiting with a resident, that we heard some heart-warming stories about the outings. While at a restaurant/bar in Grand Rapids, ND the residents went to pay the bill for their meal and the waitress said that the bill had been paid by the man at the bar. The group was also given ice cream treats from the owner. At the Black Pelican in Wyndmere, the residents were pleasantly surprised to find out that their meal was paid for by a “Vietnam Veteran." On another occasion, the group was at the Silver Prairie Saloon and the same thing happened, their bill was paid in full by a kind customer. Once at a restaurant in Fargo, a customer paid for dessert for the entire group. Thank you to the people who quietly give back in a way that makes the rest of us feel fed and inspired to share kindness in any way we can.

The Supper Club crew at The Silver Prairie Saloon in McLeod.
Al and Helen enjoy a date night.
Taking in the Lisbon Speedway Racers Banquet. We have some avid fans of the speedway.
Posing at the Horseshoe Saloon in Grand Rapids, ND.
Elmer relaxing on the porch at the Horseshoe Saloon.

Fargo Airsho

Thanks to our friend, the late Darrol Schroder, Major General (USAF Retired), the residents have always been treated like kings at the Fargo Airsho. Our dear friend has passed on, yet the experience continues as the residents were able to visit and shake hands with the incredible Blue Angels.

Gordon is sporting his AMVETS pride.

Twins Game

Keith is taking it all in.
Gordon is a Twins fan.
Richard’s smile says it all.
Without these cheerful volunteers this trip would not have been possible. Thank you to all that escorted the residents and to those who gave financially to make this trip a reality.

F-M Walleyes Unlimited

F-M Walleyes Unlimited

Every year the F-M Walleyes Unlimited Group has a special event for the Veterans of ND and MN. They provide the boats and pontoons, all the fishing equipment, and bait. All they need are the Veterans! The NDVH has participated in this for several years and it is such a great day. Of course, there are fish stories told and bragging rights for catching the biggest fish, but fun is had by all. The F-M Walleyes Unlimited Group additionally provides a meal and prizes as well. A Huge “shout out” to this group for making a difference for our Veterans.

Happenings at Home

A Taste of Norway

We had been hearing how important Audrey’s Scandinavian heritage is to her since the day she moved in. Now we know why, as her family generously gave us a true Norwegian Experience. Thank you to the Sundquist crew for preparing and serving all the yummy Norwegian goodies that bring our minds back to childhood.

Audrey, thank you for wearing that dress, you look marvelous!

You don’t have to hang around the Veterans Home for long before you realize how vital Bingo is to our quality of life. There are only a few things that can top Bingo; Bingo with the DAV, AMVETS, VFW, VVA, American Legion, all auxiliaries, and bingo with kids.

On this occasion, the Aliceton 4-H club of Ransom County hosted Bingo. This is not the first time this group has given back to the residents of the Veterans Home. As the pictures depict, the 4-H members feel right at home.
Bingo demands a certain amount of concentration.
Trinity Lisbon Youth and parents sponsor a Bingo.
Easter Egg Hunt
What would we do without these helping hands?
Savannah, Ryann, and Xavier prepare to hide Easter eggs throughout the home.
The best part of the Easter Egg hunt is having grandkids visit!
Stanley was thrilled to have his family join in on the Easter Egg Hunt.
Chrissy brings her men to join in on the fun.
Courtney and her family are so helpful and willing to pitch in at any event that is planned.
Alycia and Kennedy light up our lives.
Katherine shares her family with us for the day.
It is not surprising that Dawn has passed her passion for costumes onto her granddaughters.
Fred deals out some good hands.
A little visiting with LeAnn prior to a dice game.
Jann is a Pro of a dealer.
The Future Generation

Sonny spreads some financial joy to his great-granddaughter's class.

The Lisbon Head Start program is full of talented and caring teachers. Thank you for sharing your kiddos with us!
Deb Lee, Ransom County Extension Agent, guides the Hill and Valley 4-H Club as they plant a perennial garden outside of the Art Studio.
Deb received a grant that funded the materials and plants for this project. Thank you to the Maintenance Team for building the raised garden.
The Grace Free Lutheran Children’s Bell Choir performed for the residents. Thank you for making the trip from Valley City.
Keith and Bill enjoying their time with Lisbon Second Graders.
Brenda receives a donation from Mrs. Strobels and her students. These students have faithfully saved their pennies for the last several years in order to give to the residents of NDVH.
Mrs. Dahl poses with her third-grade music students of Lisbon following a performance.
Martin and Willy enjoy watching Lisbon second graders practice their cutting skills.
Town Hall draws residents and staff as the Lisbon second graders busy themselves with artwork.
Memorial Day

We are grateful to the community of Lisbon for holding their Veterans, including active, retired, and deceased in high-esteem. Every Memorial Day the community joins together to remember the fallen.

Lennie Muir, NDVH Basic Care Resident Council President, participates in the Lisbon Community Memorial Day Program.
Heidi Josdass, Lisbon VFW Frank Sommerfeld Auxiliary Unit #3365, reads a tribute to those who have gone before us.
The Lisbon Girl Scout troop exits the stage as the Lisbon High School Marching band looks on.
Music and more
We are fortunate to have musicians from all genres perform at the Veterans Home. The 188th Army Band is always a favorite, as well as the school groups that have made performing at the Veterans Home an annual tradition. This year we were graced by a performance from the West Fargo Liberty 7th and 8th grade Orchestra which wowed us all. We hope they visit again!
Red River Valley Veterans Concert Band
Faithfully, in the Spring of the year, The Red River Valley Veterans Concert Band performs a patriotic concert at the North Dakota Veterans Home. Every year the residents wave the flags of their respective branch with pride as their military branch song is played.
Passing on the art of making Poppies
The Art Studio was full of eager Cub Scouts as they received a lesson from the one and only, Alfred, on how to make poppies.


We broke our tradition this year, and instead of having the Family Picnic on the Saturday following Labor Day we had it on September 11th. We had received a call from the group Re-Creation and they were able to come and share their talents with us on this day. It was felt that this group of young people are way too amazing not to invite others to join us, so we decided to invite all family and friends. Thus, we had our annual Family Picnic changed to this day. It was a special day since it was the anniversary of 09/11 and they did a great performance paying tribute to the Veterans. Unfortunately, living in North Dakota the weather does not always cooperate, so we had to move the performance inside, but fun was had by all. The family picnic is always such a neat day as it gives us a chance to spend time with the resident’s families who we often have heard many stories and memories about. The smiles on the resident’s faces are always bigger and brighter on this day. Thank You for all those that come and share in this day!!
Alfred and company had great seats for the show.
RE-CREATION swept the crowd off their feet.
Don knows how to dance.
Tom gets an autograph.
Phil wants to remember this performance.
Dean is obviously loving having his family visit.
Richard pictured with his family.
Wayne relaxing in the living room with his sister.
Halloween - fun for all ages
For years we had hundreds of trick-or treaters from the community and surrounding areas come into our building on Halloween. We often ran out of candy within the first hour and spent well over a thousand dollars on this. The residents did not get to spend the time with the kids that they so enjoy, yet they love to see the kids dressed up and excited about getting candy. So a couple of years ago we thought about what we can do to have more interaction with the kids that come. We started our Halloween Bash!! We invite and encourage all the resident’s and staff’s kids, grandkids, great grandkids to come for this day. This event has changed the last couple of years with different games, food and other fun things to do. This year we had trick or treating and then we all went to Town Hall for some treats and BINGO. It was a fun and interactive night with high energy from all the sugar. We will continue to look at ways to make this a fun and spooky time.
Marvin and Kristi enjoying Bingo.
Luz and her family join the fun.
Hmmm! Not sure who this is.
Tom, the clear winner of the costume contest.
Nancy and her little fox trying their luck at Bingo.
Three generations of fun.
What can possibly go wrong with The Incredibles on our side?
Starting the day out right with a pancake breakfast from the Florence Kimball Post #7 American Legion of Lisbon.
Community members dine together in Town Hall as a start to Veterans Day.
Mr. Lacina of Lisbon Middle School and his students have become a vital part of our Veterans Day kick-off. The students eagerly assisted the Legion members with the pancake breakfast and took time to visit with Veterans.
Marvin is mesmerizing this group of students with one of his tales.
As the Jamestown Drum and Bugle Corp members said, this kid stole the show. Kane proudly shakes the hand of Noreen Fasholz, Activity Coordinator, after presenting a donation on behalf of the Air Force Association, with his mother MSGT Erin Vergara.
Another annual highlight of Veterans Day is hosting Joel Heitkamp Live from our campus via KFGO. Joel devotes his broadcast to Veterans and interviews Veterans from different eras. Pictured is-Karen Hutchins, ND American Legion Department Chaplain and Marine Veteran, Elmer Sateren, Army Veteran of Vietnam, and Joel Heitkamp.
The Florence Kimball Post #7 American Legion of Lisbon prepare to salute at 11:00am on 11-11-2019.
Tom receives a greeting from a Lisbon Boy Scout.
Phil and his fellow Air Force comrade MSGT Erin Vergara.
Miss Pre-teen Flickertail International 2019, Jocelyn Birklid, made cards for Veterans and came to spread some joy on Veterans Day.
God Bless the USA!
Mrs. Falk directs her 5th and 6th grade choir and band as they perform a heartfelt and patriotic tribute.
Blessing Bags

Deb Hausauer, Avon Independent Sales Rep and Jim Paulus, Marine Corps Veteran have partnered together to create a “Veteran’s Blessing Bag Mission,” which is now scheduled to be an annual event. Deb is passionate about seniors and veterans and knew that she would like to give back to others that have supported and given to our Country. With this vision, Deb contacted Jim to discuss ideas and together the “Veteran Blessing Bags” were created. The bags are filled with personal care items. The great news is, that with our efforts and those in the community, we will be able to deliver and support 125 Veterans. As we reflect and make our new goal for 2020 I know we can reach even more Veterans.

Lefse or Lefsa?
Keith is a natural with the lefse griddle and Elmer rolled out some tasty lefse. Thank you to Cindy, Val, and Steph for joining in on the fun in the Honor Hill household.
2019 ND National Guard Christmas Party

State Command Sergeant Major Dereck Heck coordinated the 2019 National Guard Christmas Party at the Veterans home which was a huge success.

Without hesitation State Command Sergeant Major Dereck Heck lead all in singing. A touching moment occurred when several residents sang along to Silent Night with tears glistening in their eyes.
Ace looks pleasantly surprised with his first Christmas at the NDVH as he receives a gift.
Dean has a couple of presents to unwrap.
Buck is liking this party.
Greg is always so grateful.
Elmer, Bill, Noreen, and Tom appear to be entertaining their guest.
The conversations in Town Hall were meaningful on this special day.
The Season of Giving
Santa and his team of West Fargo VFW members spent Saturday, December 7th, delivering cash gifts and hosting Bingo in Town Hall. The residents look forward to this annual visit.
With the Holiday season comes a sense of giving. The North Dakota Veterans Home is thankful to be on the receiving end of several creative ways of giving from the citizens of North Dakota. Pictured l: Launa Wick and her granddaughter, Taylor - baked, decorated and delivered delicious Christmas cookies to residents. Pictured r: Tara Hatzenbuhler of Mandan - delivered cards and treats to residents in memory of her daughter who passed away. Tara shared that her daughter worked in a long-term care facility and had a special heart for the residents she took care of.
Christmas Poker Run 2019
We had our 4th annual Poker Run this year with many of the staff and residents attending. This is a crazy busy day with intense competition from the staff to win the coveted award of “Most Fun.” This year there was a tie between “The BINGO Babes” and “Charlie Brown Christmas." The winning poker hand went to Ben Kautzman, who won a fridge and money to buy cool things to go in the fridge. Roger Roles got second place. The purpose of the event is to have staff interact in a fun way with each other and the residents during the Holiday Season. There are already big plans being made for next year.
Merry Christmas!
Lining up for a lucky card and a Christmas treat!
Bingo Babes of the Clinic Hall: Dawn, Katie, Jane, Jada and Noreen.
Martin strolls through the Bingo madness.
Willy and Dawn pause for a picture.
Grandma got run over by a reindeer (Mark?).
The Running reindeer: Belinda, Susie and Kristin.
The Peanuts Gang: Lisa, Jann, Karlee, Norma, Kristi and Wanda.
Whoville: Kylie (the Grinch), Ashley, Robin, and Steph.
The Island of Misfit Toys: Linda, Kevin, Amber, Jess, and Kari.
Santa’s Workshop: Courtney, Abby, Ally, Samantha, Heidi, Jen, Toni (Santa), Lisa (Mrs Claus) and little Miss Lariah.
Heidi the Elf working hard in the workshop.
Stacy, Wayne, and Ashley claim they did not plan on matching.
Veterans Service Organizations Show their Support


We are so grateful that VFW Past Department Commander Darcy Medicine Stone chose the North Dakota Veterans Home for his commander’s project. The woodshop and art studio now have funding for several projects for the residents to pursue, thanks to the nearly $7,000 donation from this special project. Thank you Commander Medicine Stone!


Smiling faces, servant hands, and good will were brought by the DAV members on June 27th, 2019. DAV members from statewide come together to serve their fellow Veterans every June. From grilling the food, to serving and hosting Bingo, the day touches all in a special way. Thank you to ND DAV members and auxiliary members.


The Fargo VFW Post #762 knows how to draw a crowd in Town Hall by bringing Sandy’s donuts, morning coffee, and the company of a VFW Member. Pictured top left: ND VFW Department Commander Dave Rice and Wally Buckingham. Pictured top right: Fargo VFW Post #762 members and Administrator Mark Johnson. Pictured bottom left: Administrator Mark Johnson receiving a check from ND VFW Department Commander Dave Rice, member of Post #762. Pictured bottom right: Residents and VFW members visiting in Town Hall.


When we received a call from the AMVETS POST#7 stating that they would like to host an event including turtle races, we were not quite sure what they had in mind. They are welcome back anytime to host these races, as the crowd had a blast. From music to gambling, the group provided entertainment that was relevant to all residents. Thank you Post #7 for your creativity, it hit the spot!


If any of you know Gary Schlagel of AMVETS Post #3 of Valley City, you know that he likes to have a good time. The Town Hall was lively as Gary started handing out dollars versus quarters. When visiting about how appreciative we are of Post #3 Gary said this: “All of the Guys are in the Color Guard and Honor Guard, they are darn good, and I am really proud of their dedication and professionalism. I would put them up against any in the state of North Dakota.”


Lunette of the Grafton ALA Unit #355 should be applauded for the coordination of a bus trip she planned. Nearly 30 Veterans and spouses were able to see firsthand what we have to offer. Members of the Park River Post and surrounding communities were invited by Lunette as well. Prior to visiting with residents, the group toured the facility and asked several good questions about daily life on campus. We truly appreciate the distance that you came to experience the North Dakota Veterans Home.


The ND Patriot Guard presented a donation to Kari and Robin during a summer picnic that was held at NDVH. Another highlight of this day was all the motorcycles that residents were able to check out.


VFW Auxiliary National President Peggy Haake, ND VFW Department Auxiliary President Barb Danielson, NDVH Administrator Mark B. Johnson, and Post #762 Quartermaster/Adjutant Mike McQuillan. Mark gladly accepts a donation on behalf of NDVH.


Roger and Alycia gladly accept a donation for the Aromatherapy Fund from the Red River Raiders Detachment #1453 of Fargo. Alycia, CCP manages the Aromatherapy program and was able to share with the group of the program’s successes.


Willy was glad to see his hometown support as he adjusts to his new home in Lisbon.

The Blenders Give Back to Veterans

One thing that residents have requested is entertainment. At the prompting of staff members we sent a message to The Blenders asking if they would be willing to perform at the North Dakota Veterans Home. This musical group has a tight schedule, yet they wanted to honor ND Veterans, so they told us to watch the mail as they had "sent something to show their appreciation for our Veterans, as well as those working in your wonderful facility". A day later we received a check for $1,000! Special thanks to The Blenders for your thoughtfulness and generosity.
Florence Kimball American Legion Auxiliary of Lisbon

$600 to $6,000

The Florence Kimball American Legion Auxillary of Lisbon knows how to get the word out. Noreen Fashloz, Activities Coordinator mentioned to the Lisbon ALA that the funds in the American Legion Cart at the North Dakota Veterans Home had dropped down to $600. In a matter of three months the balance went to $6,000. This is all thanks to the generous donations that the Lisbon ALA requested through mail, social media and word of mouth. The Veterans Home now has the ability to purchase needed items for residents.


In July of 2019 we put a request on our Facebook page for funding to have our monument lifted and rebuilt. The cost of this project is steep as the sidewalk is cracked and the monument will sustain damage if not moved soon.
We asked for a donation of $12,000 and the American Legion Carl E. Rogen Post #29 of Watford City answered. Thank you, Glenn Wahus Post Adjutant, Department DEC and Lance Renville Post Commander, for presenting the generous donation to Mark Johnson, Administrator.
North Dakota Veterans Home Foundation Inc.
The piano gifted to the Veterans Home by the Foundation Board Inc., has been used for church services, sing-a-longs, recitals and more. Pictured on the bottom row l: Wally reunites with his friend Jim Verway, Foundation Board Member. Pictured bottom row middle:Foundation Board members visit with Mark Johnson, NDVH Administrator over a picnic lunch which was sponsored by the Foundation. Pictured bottom row r:The residents were so thankful for the tasty lunch and time to interact with the Foundation Board members.


We had a beautiful day for the tournament in Mapleton.
Roger and Mark pose with beautifully made quilts and the hands that made them.

North Dakota State Veterans Home in Lisbon benefits from BCBSND Caring Foundation Rural Health Grant

Funds received provided exercise equipment and wellness coach.

LISBON, N.D. – North Dakota Veterans Home in Lisbon was a 2019 recipient of a Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) Caring Foundation Rural Health Grant. The grant helped fund exercise equipment and free monthly consultations with a personal health and wellness coach for employees.

Employees are able to utilize the workout equipment 24/7 at no cost to them, in order to promote physical activity and wellness. Karlee Richmond, restorative therapy aide, and wellness coordinator stated, “Finding adequate services and fitness training is very difficult in rural communities. This creates a large barrier to rural community residents’ physical health and wellness. Due to the grant funding from BCBSND Caring Foundation, employees are now able to utilize onsite workout equipment at no cost to them to promote physical activity and wellness. We’ve had great feedback from our employees.”

Exercise equipment purchased included a treadmill, elliptical, free weights, yoga mats, resistance bands, and a bench. The workout room also includes a corner for staff to bring their children in after hours to do homework, play, or watch movies while the employee/parent works out.

Karlee Richmond has been instrumental in the development and success of the "Uffda Gym." Karlee organizes monthly contests for staff in order to promote their fitness and well-being. Thank you Karlee for all the time you have devoted to your teammates achieving better health.
Congratulations to Kristin Lunneborg, winner of the December wellness challenge. Kristin logged 820 minutes of exercise in December. She won an electronic abdominal toning belt, as modeled above.

We have had some amazing team members that have gone back to school to earn degrees while working. This is not an easy feat and we would like to congratulate them on all of their hard-work and dedication.

Social Work

We are proud to announce that as of December 2019 Ashley Olson pictured left with her children, Aria and Brody, and Harlee Hesse pictured right have both earned their LBSW. Congratulations!


Mother and daughter, Brenda Lamb and Samantha Lamb, went to NDSCS to earn L.P.N. degrees. Samantha did this while becoming a mom to the beautiful baby girl. Brenda has since gone on to earn her R.N. Way to go Brenda and Samantha!
Kristi Bratvold, CDM pictured on the left is proudly posing with her daughter, Ally, who earned her L.P.N. degree. Ally works with residents in the basic care households. We are proud of your accomplishments Ally!
We shed some tears while recalling all the good times. Thank you for your years of service to the North Dakota Veterans Home Donna, Brenda and Margie!
  • Christopher Ferderer, Maintenance Supervisor
  • Peggy Wagner, Skilled RLS
  • Lacey Sours, Skilled LPN
  • Wayne Hutchins, Activities Assistant
  • Lydia Benning, Skilled LPN
  • Amber Gable, Skilled RLS
  • Gail Trenda, Basic LPN
  • Harlee Hesse, Social Services
  • Grace Mathias, Skilled RLS
  • Abigail Shockman, Skilled RLS
  • Victoria Sandness, Skilled RLS
  • Sam Rieger, Skilled RLS
  • Kalli Lautt, Skilled RLS
  • Riley Leedahl, Basic RLS
  • Mary Lou Fick, Basic RLS
  • LeAnn Fix, Social Services
  • Ann Gillette, Skilled RLS
  • Riley Houge, Basic RLS
  • Abbey Lux, Basic LPN
  • Lidia Rice, Skilled RLS
  • Joseph Akpofure RLS
  • Shameka Akpofure, Skilled RLS
  • Samantha Lyons, Skilled Kitchen Assistant
  • Ayriel Lyons, Skilled Kitchen Assistant
  • Machaela Mund, Skilled Kitchen Assistant
  • Elizabeth Rieger, Skilled Kitchen Assistant
  • Breena Wheeler, Skilled Kitchen Assistant
Thank you for enriching the lives of our residents.
Your kindness and generosity means so much.
Through your remembrance their memory lives on.
Through your remembrance their memory lives on.


Dwight Bireley

Robert Bristlin

Wade Buttke

Margaret Chesley

Alice Decker

Marvin Donat

Patrick Grandboise

Wallace Hertwig

Leonard Kutz

Ruth Nelson

Austin Robert Peterson

Robert Peterson

Reynard “Hoss” Pierson

Arnold “Verle” Ralston

Menzo Regnerus

Dale Reinhardt

Ann Strander

Ricky Willert

Karl Zerbe

NDVH Governing Board Membership: Gary Skarphol-Chairman, Greg Stemen-Vice Chairman, Curt Twete, Mary Vetter, Cathy Keogh, Dean Overby, Steve Frojen


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