The Evolution of our bridge By Christopher Recupero, Richie TIeRney, Pat Clougher

Our First Bridge:

The Wooden Gate Bridge

Truss Bridge with:

Triangles on the sides for support. This is the bridge in the building process.

Xs on the top for support to hold the sides together.

A stacked design on the bottom to hold the block with the hook for the platform. This is the bridge unfinished.

The Tension of the bridge is located on the bottom of the bridge. The arrows show the tension force that will break apart our bridge.
The Compression on our bridge is located on the top. The arrows represent the force of gravity pulling on our bridge when the platform is connected to it.

Our Bridge Testing

We should not have paid that camera man $150

Our Bridge held 26 pounds

Our Bridge broke because the support to hold the platform was not strong enough and the bridge was held together by glue not popsicle sticks. We learned to use the strength of the popsicle sticks on our next bridge.

Our Second Bridge:

The Wooden Arch Bridge

Our Bridge has an arch design which is good because the bridge is bending up which makes it harder for the bridge to fall down. It is also good because it distributes the pressure evenly to the ends of the bridge.

The bridge has triangles embedded in the sides to support the top of the bridge which is where the block will be placed.

Our Bridge has a well built support on top to hold the block. This is an advancement from last time.

The Tension of the bridge is located on the bottom of the bridge. The block with the platform is pushing down on the bridge splitting apart the bottom.
The compression is located in the top. This is when the block is on top and pushing down.

Our Bridge Testing

The camera man was just okay this time.

Our Bridge held 86 pounds! 60 pounds of improvement!

Our bridge broke on the bottom of the side. This is when the block was pushing down the bottom of the arch broke through and gave in.

What we have learned

We have learned to use the strength of the triangle by putting the weight on top which separates the weight evenly to the bottom. We have also learned that an arch works really well because It distributes weight to the ends of the bridge evenly.

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