Eating Through COVID-19: Week One Jamison Davis

It's not fun having to stay inside for three weeks, especially if there's nothing to do. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Governor Mike DeWine recently mandated that all restaurants and bars only be available for carryout and delivery, which makes it worse if you're someone like me, who needs to be able to get out of the house every once in a while. Luckily, this time off has enabled me to spend more time cooking at home and spending time with my family, so I wanted to share in hopes to spread joy and encouragement during this time of uncertainty.

Monday, March 16: Officially the first day of our extended break! Today wasn't too busy besides doing a lot of cleaning and even more grocery shopping. I mean, seriously, I went to Kroger with my dad and I got a little overwhelmed at how many people were there getting basic groceries. It probably wasn't the best idea in terms of not spreading the virus, but a girl needs to eat.

Our grocery cart when we were finally done!

All we bought were some snacks, on the go breakfasts, drinks and ingredients for meals for later in the week and K Cup pods because my family is obsessed with our Keurig, but, I know, it looks like a lot. By the time we got home, it was dinnertime, and the family didn't disappoint. I mean, tri-tip steak, sweet potatoes, and a salad: my family likes to do a lot when it comes to cooking at home.

Give my dad a grill, he'll make a tri-tip steak.

For a Monday, it wasn't so bad. I have a feeling that the boredom will settle in as the break goes on, but for now, we'll just sit back, relax, and enjoy good food.

Tuesday, March 17: Happy St. Patrick's Day! The day was pretty slow, like Monday, but I did get to finally treat my mom to the Downton Abbey movie (she's been trying to see it since its release this past September). I also finally tried the pretzel Pop Tarts in the chocolate flavor for breakfast: we did a lot of new things this week. They're not bad, honestly, I just felt like the pretzel crust could've been more..."pretzel-y"? I mean there's salt on it and it looks like a pretzel, but it kind of tasted like a regular chocolate-filled Pop Tart.

In terms of actually cooking something for my family, it was Taco Tuesday, so we made a Davis family staple: taco ring. I wish I had a picture to show you how good it looked, but we didn't waste time cutting into that baby. In simple terms, it's taco seasoned ground beef (or ground turkey, in our case) and cheese wrapped in crescent roll dough into a ring. Serve with sour cream, and there's dinner! Also, it only takes about 45 minutes to make, including prep, so it's a quick and easy way to end your night.

Wednesday, March 18: I'm gonna be real: I've never really been a smoothie girl. However, I think Tropical Smoothie Cafe has changed my life with their Sunshine smoothie. Made with a blend of mangoes, oranges, bananas, pineapples, and orange juice, this bright yellow-orange smoothie is the drinkable version of sunshine, hence the name. I'm actually drinking one as I edit this column on Friday night, and it definitely lifts my mood through the gray skies outside and the craziness in our world right now.

They even put a smiley face on every drink :)

In addition to a delicious smoothie, my dad (yeah, he cooks a lot in our house) made philly cheese steaks! This dinner is also really simple to make: just brown some shaved beef with seasoning (and peppers, if you would like), then pile it on a hoagie bun with some provolone cheese and that's it. Yet another Davis family staple thrown your way.

Thursday, March 19: Okay, I have another new thing for you guys to try: the blueberry scones at Beehive Bread Company in downtown Powell. This quaint little bakery is home to some absolutely delectable pastries and breads that are worth trying. My mom has been obsessed with this scones, however, for the longest time, so I finally gave them a try, and it's definitely a blueberry scone: fresh blueberries baked into the inside spreads to the rest of the dough, giving the scone this marbled blue color. I might just need a whole separate story on the goodies I get here.

I had to dig in as soon as possible!

Thursday was very chill, in terms of what I did all day and cooking-wise. We basically deep cleaned our whole house and then had leftovers from the past two days to eat (we still have some now as I'm editing this). Honestly, I can't believe that the first week of our extended break is almost over. It's funny because the days themselves seem long and boring, but the week as a whole goes by faster than you think it does.

Friday, March 20: It's Friday, yay! I don't know how I didn't mention this earlier, but I have a really great food hack that can be useful if you're ever in need of a quick snack break during the remote learning time: get a large pack of the King's Hawaiian rolls (the small ones) and a package of Honeybaked ham, preferably pre-sliced, and voila! You have the cutest little bite-sized sandwiches for yourself! You can honestly use any kind of deli meat and toppings you want, but I've found that Honeybaked ham is the best for these. Either way, Friday night always means pizza night in our house. It doesn't matter if it's pepperoni pizza from Ange's Pizza or calzones from Adriatico's on OSU's campus (which are really worth trying, by the way), but it's always pizza. Today, my family chose to go with Ange's, which is mainly our go-to spot, but it's always really good quality every time. Maybe I should compare all of my favorite pizza places...probably not though, I think there's too many!

Finally, I hope that you are all staying inside and staying safe during this time out of school! I know we are all anxious to get out of our houses, but the faster we can stop the spread of this virus and "flatten the curve", as people like to say now, the faster we can get back to our normal routine. Happy Eating, and stay healthy Kilbourne!


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