My Childhood By: autumn senecal

My Childhood: From what I can remember my childhood was pretty great. We went on many family vacations and camping trips: my favorite is above when I went to Wyoming even though I hardly remember it. My Dad and I used to go fishing a lot, I was a big Daddy's girl. I remember we used to play checkers all the time and he would always let me win, it was my favorite game as a kid. I was also very active, I was huge on Tae Kwon Doe, and, not to be cocky or anything, I was great at it. But sadly, I quit because I was young and dumb and still regret it to this day. I also remember that my Mom used to run a babysitting facility in our house so I was always socialized and it was great, but she had to stop once she went to nursing school when I was like six.
Fondest Memory: One of my absolute favorite memories was when I was eight I won this trophy for group formation with Kyle; 19 and Christine; early thirties. I felt so proud of myself, I worked so hard and in the end it paid off and it was the best feeling in the world.
Favorite Things: A few of my favorite things as a kid are shown above: My favorite books were the Divergent series, I read each of those in about a day because I couldn't put them down. They were amazing. My favorite movie as a kid was Hairspray, and it still stands as one of my all time favorites.

Childhood is crucial: Childhood is most definitely crucial, because it is the prime time in mental and physical development. As a child, you learn compassion, love, pain, empathy, social skills, etc. Your body is growing at a rapid rate as you become a small adult, many things are changing.

Study of Children: Children have been studied for a very long time because, like stated above, they are in the prime time of development. Children can show early warning signs of future behavioral or mental problems, and are in the prime for learning emotions and right from wrong. They are easily manipulated and are constantly stimulated, making them very interesting.

Why I Want to Study: I would like to study child development not only for the psychological aspect of it, but also learning how the human develops from infancy is very intriguing to me.


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