The next four years in The Nih By- Munirah Bint-Allah

Now that Donald J. Trump is America's 45th president. The choices he makes will EFfect the next four years of our lives. And speaking of lives what's happening with health now?.

What does tRump say?

According to the Washington Post, President-Elect Trump has Collins (the director of the National Institute of Health) "held over by the Trump administration." Collins, who was appointed by Obama back in 2009, would like to keep the job. Collins said if he were not asked to stay as director, Collins would plan to go back to the NIH lab. Also, according to "the Verge" Trump told a radio host "I hear so much about the NIH, and its terrible." The Climate Scientists are most concerend since Trump denied man-made climate change exists. Climate scientists fear that the public funding for their research are going to be slashed since Trump picked a Climate Skeptic to lead the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) transition.

Trumps cabinet nomInee for the Health dep.

Tom Price, the Secretary of Health, thinks poor people should pay for Medicare. Poor Americans will pay more out of pocket towards their healthcare services. Where as, Bernie Sanders asks if healthcare is a right for all Americans.

Will there be an impact ?

There will probably be an impact since scientists fear that they may lose their jobs from the most ridiculous cabinet nominees Trump choose. Since he chose a Doctor! For the Housing Department. Healthcare might have a realy big impact if low-income americans has to pay more for healthcare, which will hurt their family since they are already struggling to put food on the table. And with Tom Price as the Sec. for Healthcare we might just have a problem with healthcare may or may not being a right.

Will there be changes?

Oh Yes! There will be many changes to health in the next four years with Trump as Americas new President. I think Americans should be prepared when this change does happens & have back-up plans when the changes goes into play. There's always a cause and effect, the change will be the cause and after the fours years are up the effect will then take its place.

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