EARTH By: Faith Laws

The name of my planet is Earth!!!

Size: The average diameter of Earth is 7913.09 miles.

(This Earth)

Rotation: Rotation lasts exactly 24 hours which is a whole day.

Revolution: Revolution is Earth traveling around the sun. Which takes 365 days which also causes the seasons.

The average distance from the sun is 92.96 million miles.

Origin for Earth: People do not know where the name earth came from. Earth was the only planet that was not named after a roman God or Goddess.

Average surface temperature: The average surface temperature is about 61 F. But the tempter is really depending on what the season is.

4 interesting facts:

1. When astronauts went into space they looked at earth and called it the "Blue Planet".

2. There are two additional asteroids that is in co-orbital orbits with earth.

3. Lighting strikes the earth over 8.6 million times per day.

4. Scientist believe that Earths stable climate is just an anomaly that will end in the next billion years.

Site: The place that i got my information was google and also some additional websites that google pulled up.


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