What is Imperialism?

Definition: A policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.

Basically meaning a larger country takes over a smaller country. They want them to be under their rule and listen to their rules. They also get their money. The ones that take over other countries are thirsty for power and authority. They want to be the big dogs and have everyone listen to them.

Imperialism with Chinese:

China uses Zambia's natural resources to mine coal and copper. This had lead to Zambia attacking China multiple times. China doesn't care how it is affecting Zambia and its people but since it benefits them they don't care.

Imperialism with Africa:

The U.S. went over to Africa dispatched so many soldiers. They used the bombing in Libya to gain Africa and many other smaller countries independence. The more the merrier.

Imperialism with mcdonalds:

Many people love McDonalds and others hate it. It has spread so much throughout the world there aren't many places that don't have at least one McDonalds. It has changed many people's eating habits making most of them obese. It has become the number one icon of America.

imperialism with Isis:

Isis is one of the biggest terrorist groups in the world right now. They attack with no remorse. They attacked Libya and killed many citizens. It was recorded and then released. Isis wants to take over and have people bow down to them so they are going to kill however many people it takes. They don't like when people are in charge of them, they want to be the big dogs, they try and scare everyone into following them.


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