The 1930s ViRginia ruffo

The 30s were a time of severely poor economics. The ever famous Great Depression occurred in the era, which caused unemployment and poverty rates to sky rocket. Beggars were common, as were factory workers working for barely any money trying to make ends meet.
Nicknamed the "Dirty 30s" due to many people getting their hands dirty in the agriculture world, the 30s brought on a time of food shortage farmers couldn't keep up with.
According to Gale, 11 million women remained employed during the 1930s. African American women, however, remained unable to be employed and worked more as servants in homes to white men.
Even though families were severely poor, they still had fun. Most families enjoyed board games, such as monopoly or Scrabble. Ofthen times pastimes would include spending time with neighbors and relatives,
A this time of economic hardship, the best past times were the free ones. Families enjoyed games, music and food. Board games were cheap and dancing didn't cost a penny. Swimming became popular due to its low cost also.

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