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Capital: Fort-de-France

The current capital of Martinique is Fort-de-France but at one point it was the city of Saint-Pierre. Saint-Pierre is also known as le Petit Paris and was the capital until 1902. When Mount Pelee erupted it destroyed the whole city and killed everyone except for one person, a prisoner who was protected by the stone cell walls.



Gommiers or Yoles Rondes are traditonal fishing boats that are also used for racing in Martinique. People come from everywhere to see the "Nautical Ballet."


In Martinique people speak both French and Creole, a mix of French and African languages as well as Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Ways of responding in Creole

  • Oui/Non ouai: Han-Han
  • Chouette: I bon
  • D'accord: D'acco
  • C'est une bonne idee: Ce'an bon bagai
  • Je ne puex pas: Mwen pe pa
  • Ca ne me dit rein: Sa pa ka di mwen ayen
  • Pas question: Awa
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