Smith Middle School Band Fall Concert

October 7, 2019

7:30 PM

The Heights Church


Dear Friends and Family,

Welcome to the first concert of the Smith Middle School Bands during the 2019-2020 school year. Our students are excited to perform for you tonight and we hope you enjoy and appreciate their hard work.

We are excited to be celebrating the 13th year of the Smith Band program and our great successes! The SMS Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band have consistently earned superior ratings at UIL. The Wind Ensemble has advanced three times to the Area round of the Texas Music Educators Association’s Honor Band Contest. We hope to continue our mark of superior musical performance this year with outstanding concerts, student success at All-Region next month, and award-winning contest performances by all bands next semester.

Tonight’s performance is the culmination of just over six weeks of work and preparation. The ensembles you will hear tonight consist of some of the best student musicians SMS has seen. We know you will enjoy what you hear this evening!

We hope you enjoy the concert!!

Matthew Hiller & Jacqueline Ruddick, SMS Band Directors

Concert Etiquette

It is the intent of the band directors to provide an enjoyable and clear learning environment for our students. On that note, the following is a list of ways to make this concert experience more memorable for our musicians and audience.

  • Please enter the performance quietly and quickly find a seat; latecomers should wait to find a seat at the first convenient pause in the music.
  • Please refrain from talking during the performance.
  • Please refrain from taking flash photographs as this distracts the musicians and other audience members. Feel free to take pictures between pieces or before and after the concert.
  • Be sure your cell phone is silenced during the concert. This is not only embarrassing to you, but is very distracting from an enjoyable performance.
  • Audience members that must leave during the concert should only do so during applause.
  • It is suggested that you not bring young children. If this is unavoidable, please keep them quiet. We understand that you are here to listen to the performance. However, it is extremely disturbing to those performing when a baby begins to cry or a child talks.

Thank you for understanding and cooperating!

Please Enjoy the Performance!!!

Symphonic Band

Jacqueline Ruddick, director

Coronado March

Eric Osterling

This Spanish influenced march features a trumpet fanfare and clarinets during the trio. Picture a strong matador in the ring with a bull. Ole!

Afraid of the Dark

Jeff Herwig

Texas Premiere

Afraid of the Dark illustrates a dark and spooky trip through a nightmare with the help of an electronic accompaniment! Every instrument plays an important role in this exciting, fun, and unique piece.

Wind Ensemble

Matthew Hiller, director

March of the Freedom Fighters

Carol Brittin Chambers

Hold your head high and wave your flag! March of the Freedom Fighters is a fresh, triumphant concert march meant to convey images and feelings of patriotism and national pride! The opening features the trumpet section with a clarinet feature at the Trio.

Mr. Hiller & Mrs. Chambers

As Twilight Falls

Robert Sheldon

The sense of peace and tranquility of twilight on a summer's evening inspires this lovely lyrical offering.

Into the Crypt

Jeff Herwig

Texas Premiere

Into the Crypt details the eerie and exhilarating journey of a treasure-seeking grave robber through an ancient tomb. The piece opens as the looter carefully edges his way into the dimly-lit and cobweb-laden crypt. He slowly creeps further and further into the ancient structure, knowing any false step could result in his demise...

Suddenly, there is a noise in the distance. Something is quickly approaching the treasure-seeker. He begins to move at a quicker pace while still being careful not to set off any centuries-old booby traps. However, as his impending doom seems to be drawing nearer by the second, the looter can't afford to be careful with his steps any longer, and takes off at a torrid pace, weaving his way through the maze-like crypt.

As he feels that he has outrun whatever danger had been following him, the looter realizes that he had run himself directly to the center of the crypt... to the threshold of the tomb containing the priceless treasure he had sought after for so long. He slowly approaches the doorway to the vault, and as he enters, he is overcome with joy and excitement. All of his years of research, all of the sacrifices he made, all of the risks he'd taken along the way finally came to fruition at that moment. He stares admiringly at the mountains of gold when he realizes that he is not alone... Other treasure-seekers - pirates - had followed him to cash in on his discovery, and were noisily making their way towards the treasure.

Without hesitation, the looter snatches what he can and takes off. Sprinting through the labrynth once again, he tries to find a way out. He hurdles, dives, and spins his way through the crypt, dodging the skeletons of those who came before him and failed to make it out. He can't help but think he might soon join their ranks...

He sees an opening ahead, where the evening's moonlight trickles through, guiding his path to escape. As he makes his way towards the crypt's exit, he feels a sudden jolt in the ground. To his horror, the ground around him is seemingly disappearing. The ancient tomb is collapsing around him. His only choice is to continue running towards the light ahead of him. With debris falling all around him, and the cries of the unfortunate looters behind him ringing throughout the crypt, he makes one final leap through the quickly-collapsing outlet. He emerges beaten and battered, but alive and ready to hunt for treasure another day.


Band Directors

Matthew Hiller, SMS Director of Bands
Jacqueline Ruddick, SMS Associate Director of Bands
Matt Bibb, CISD Percussion Coordinator

Upcoming Events


  • 10 - Region Blitz for Wind Ensemble
  • 10-14 - Student Fall Break
  • 17 - Cookie Dough fundraiser arrives


  • 7 - Phase 1 All-Region Auditions at Trinity Springs MS
  • 9 - Phase 2 All Region Auditions at Aledo HS
  • 11 - Veteran's Day Performance (WE)
  • 23 - Six Flags Trip
  • 25-29 - Thanksgiving Break


  • 6-7 - All-Region Clinic and Concert at Granbury HS
  • 10 - SMS Winter Band Concert
  • 13 & 16 - WE on Tour
  • 20 - Last Day of the Semester

Thanks to many!

CISD Administration
  • Kyle Heath, CISD Superintendent
  • Kyle Boles, CISD Director of Fine Arts
  • Amber White, SMS Principal
  • Dustin Conn, SMS Assistant Principal
  • Alanna Lewallen, SMS Assistant Principal
  • Mauri Ford, Counselor
  • Kelly Warner, Counselor
CISD School Board
  • John Finnell, President
  • Elizabeth Childress, Vice President
  • Mike Witte, Secretary
  • June Bates
  • Wendell Dempsey
  • DeAnna King
  • Teddy Martyniuk
CISD Band Staff
  • Jason Jones, Director of Bands
  • Brock Feller, Associate Director of Bands
  • Matt Bibb, Percussion Coordinator
Music Enrichment Staff
  • Amber Goddard (flute)
  • Blayne Fugere (horn)
  • Stewart Rhodes (trombone)
  • Fernando Zuniga (euphonium/tuba)
The Heights Church
  • Pastor Kody Hughes
  • Pastor Billy Philips
  • Kirk Kelso
  • Thanks for opening your doors and facility to our student musicians!
Other Thanks
  • Janice Sullivan and the Golden Pride Band Boosters
  • Ben Poledna and the SMS Custodial Staff
  • The teachers and staff of Smith Middle School

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