The Year in Photos Colorado College celebrates 2019

At Colorado College, we tend to focus a lot on our sense of place, our community, and the uniqueness that our Block Plan brings to learning and experiences. It is rare that a conversation on this campus does not weave its way around one or more of these topics. With that in mind, telling this community's story through pictures is a commitment to showing the joy of learning, the experiences that expand minds and challenge thinking, the commitment to ideas, and the love of expression through laughter and art. Photography has a powerful ability to tell the story of a place and its people. Colorado College’s team of visual storytellers, which includes Photographer and Photo Editor Jennifer Coombes and a group of student photographers, strive to tell CC's story every day. The images collected from the past 12 months tell just a small part of the story of our community and the photographers who shared in these moments. We are grateful to those who allow us to tell their story and the CC story.

This year saw the launch of Performing Arts at CC, which plans to promote, support, and foster collaboration in the arts.

Left: Angel Zhang '20 performs” Qingping Dao, Tune of Serenity,” choreographed by Angelica Wang '22 and Angel Zhang '20 during the Dance Workshop show "Them Beats." Above: Co-chairs Zoe Lilak '20 and Maria Bendickson '22 work backstage as house managers for the show. Photos by Vivian Nguyen ’20

We named and blessed Tava Quad.

Left: Members of the Ute Mountain Ute and Southern Ute tribes visit during Homecoming to bless the quad and share cultural details with several CC classes. Photo by Jennifer Coombes Above: Members of the Native American Student Union and staff from Facilities erect the tipi on the newly named Tava Quad. Photo by Vivian Nguyen ’20

We attended a lot of campus events to capture what happens here. Here are a few highlights from around Colorado College.

We went off campus to do some exploring.

We did research and took intriguing classes.

Left: Michelle Wolford ’20 pumps stream water through a filtered syringe while doing research on the South Platte River near Deckers, Colorado. Above: Students in a class studying RNA sequences create visual representations of their scientific data.

We won championships and let our Tiger pride show.

Left: The men’s soccer team poses after they clinched the SCAC regular-season championship. Above: The men's lacrosse team celebrates a win.

Oh yes, and we graduated. And Oprah was here.

Left: Emily Sussman ’19 adjusts her graduation cap before the 2019 Commencement ceremony. Photo by Kelsey Brunner Above: Oprah Winfrey looks out to the crowd while waiting to give each student a copy of her book during Commencement and shake their hands. Photo by Jennifer Coombes

Photos by: Jennifer Coombes, Vivian Nguyen ’20, Rachel Delley ’20, Josh Birndorf ’20, Chideral Ikpeamarom ’22, Patil Khakhamian ’22, Ethan Knowles ’22, Isabel Mansour ’22, Kelsey Brunner and Lydia Thompson


Jennifer Coombes, Vivian Nguyen, Rachel Delley, Josh Birndorf, Patil Khakhamian, Chidera Ikpeamarom, Ethan Knowles, Kelsey Brunner and Lydia Thompson