Art Lives On Photo Essay by Chris Soto

04/20/2020, Dallas, TX. Artist Beatski Tbb concentrates on painting his signature graf, “Sedso”.

Most of what's said at Fabrication Yard in Dallas, Texas, is communicated with the hiss of a spray can. Its cadence is interrupted intermittently by its wielder when they decide to reign in their free-flowing creativity and step away from their work to review their vision. After quick consideration, the artist resumes their hymn.

Life goes on at Fabrication Yard. Despite an ongoing pandemic, the site continues to attract artists and sightseers throughout the day. The art park is largely outdoors and can be explored comfortably without coming too close in contact with other visitors. According to the art park’s Facebook page, it is always open, apparently even during shelter-at-home orders designed to enforce social distancing.

Fabrication Yard is a living canvas; art pieces have a half-life of about a week before they are covered up by another artist’s work. Constant fresh work and rotating artists makes this an ideal location to revisit. “It’s a free wall,” artist Beatski Tbb said, pointing to a spot his work used to occupy. “When I finish this right here, anybody can go over it like the second I leave…just got to get your flick.”

A common recent theme at Fabrication Yard has been the COVID-19 virus, the culprit of an ongoing pandemic. The art serves to as a reminder of both the threat of the virus, and the continuation of creative life in spite of it.

4/30/2020, Dallas, TX. Visitors walk down an alley adjacent to the Fabrication Yard and past a recently painted graf by the artist Secko RDM.
04/21/2020, Dallas, TX. A bat-like Pokémon, Golbat, shouts “corona virus” at Fabrication yard.
04/20/2020, Dallas, TX. A spray artist’s bag exposes an artist's tools.
04/20/2020, Dallas, TX. After a shift of work, Julio visits The Fabrication Yard to blow off some steam by throwing up his personal stamp: a shopping cart. Julio listens to music while he paints and wears a surgical mask to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Julio chose a shopping cart as his personal tag as he witnessed many homeless carrying all their life possessions in a shopping cart while growing up in Los Angeles.
04/30/2020, Dallas, TX. Identified by their grafs, NIMF (left), Beatski Tbb (center), and CemeteryStreaker (right) all paint along the same fence in an alleyway on the outside edge of Fabrication Yard.
04/30/2020 Dallas, TX. Artist Beatski Tbb paints details on his “Sedso” piece with a fine brush.
04/30/2020, Dallas, TX. Professional photographer, Greg Jones, photographs a client inside one of the Fabrication Yard’s many decorated garages.
04/30/2020, Dallas, TX. Despite shelter-at-home state and county orders, a few visitors continue to browse the latest art at Fabrication Yard.


Photo Essay by Chris Soto