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Jorge Cardona is a class 10 MESA DE TENIS player from Spain.He GANA a gold MEDALLA at the European CAMPEONATO in 2007. He was RANGO 8th in the MUNDO in October, 2013.
Table Tennis HISTORIA:

Table Tennis HISTORIA :

  • empiezan to juegan around 1880
  • comienza as pasatiempo in England
  • tennis jugadors played during winter
  • table tennis origina in England
  • consigue the nombre ping-pong
  • table tennis asociacion  nacer in 1922
  • became an olimpico deporte in 1988


  • considera the #1 brain sport in the mundo
  • pelota can be golpea more than 100 mph
  • world grabar of hitting 173 balls back and forth in 60 segundo
  • prohibe in soviet union because pensaba to be harmful ve
  • necesito good reflexes to play
  • mostly played por wealthy despues dinner cuando first crear
  • there ser many ways to hit and bloque pelotas mientras playing
  • racket was hecho en 1901
These are some GENTE DISFRUTANTE their TIEMPO playing table tennis.


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