Video Game Day October 13

Video Game Day should be a real holiday for many reasons.

Some kids can't afford many video games, but on my day, all games will be free

Video Game Day will allow people to save more money for other important things instead of video games.

To play online, most of the time you would need a live membership and they can get expensive, but with my holiday, they will be free.

Video games can also benefit you with many things.

Playing video games can boost your memory, increase coordination, and sharpen your decision making.

Some people that play video games might not have many or anyone to play with and to talk to.

But on my holiday, many people will participate, so they will be many people to play with and to talk to.

My holiday could boost careers.

Playing video games can make better surgeons than there are already, so some people that play on my holiday, might become a surgeon later on in life.

Some people may feel like they're stressed, but my holiday can change that.

Studies show that playing video games can relieve stress, so my holiday has good benefits.

Playing games will also relieve anger, if the player is mad.

Some people may only have a few games, and that gets boring playing the same game constantly, but now you can get a lot for free on my holiday.

Studies also show that communicating online can boost you social skill.

That's why I think my holiday should be real national holiday.

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