Yeast Bread Prep By: Gemma CAntone

Basic ingredients used to make yeast bread:

Flour, Liquid, Leavening, Salt, Sugar, Fat, Eggs


  • Flour: Structure, Self-rising
  • Liquid: Moisture, Rises yeast
  • Leavening Agent: Rises
  • Salt: Flavor, Activates yeast
  • Sugar: Flavor, Moisture, Texture
  • Fat: Tenderness, Traps air to aid leavening agent
  • Eggs: Color, Flavor, Nutrients, Structure

Seven Steps towards making yeast bread:

Mixing dough, Kneading dough, Proofing, Punching down, Shaping, Bench Proofing, Baking.
  1. Mix dough- dissolve yeast into water
  2. Knead - fold;push;turn, develops gluten, use the heels of your hands, avoid using too much flour, develops gluten (protein in yeast breads)
  3. Proof- let sit until double in size, push two fingers into dough; if print remains, it has risen enough, fermentation (chemical breakdown of yeast)
  4. Punch down- Punch to release CO2, firmly push fist into center of dough
  5. Shape- shape according to recipe
  6. Bench proof- second rise, let rise in warm, draft free place
  7. Bake- time/temperature will vary, will dramatically rise within minutes of baking (Oven spring)


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