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Government is what makes all the rules, laws and rights, it's necessary because it makes sure everyone is safe and without it there would probably be anarchy or dictatorship. Government stops people from doing illegal crimes, but without it people would go around killing everyone without anyone being able to stop them and technically it would be allowed because there would be no rule of law against it. With government the police stops people from doing these crimes, but without it nothing could be done about it. There'd be many problems without government and the ones listed above are just a few of the many problems there would be. This is why the government is necessary and without it it would be hard to survive and do the normal things normal citizens do nowadays

The pentagon

To be a good citizen, people either have to be born in the country they want to be the citizen in, or they have to go through a class that enables their freedom. Once they do all that, they have comply with all the law(s) in that country, such as paying taxes. After that happens, they have the same rights and privileges as all the other citizens.


Centripetal forces work for supranational cooperation between the nations. Having no barriers is a centripetal force because in some countries there's things that aren't in others so going there to buy it would spread out wealth. It'll spread out wealth because there will be people coming from some countries to buy things in others and the wealth will be spread out because there's so many people going to one place. The Euro supports supranational cooperation between the nations because it can be used in a lot of countries so it makes it easier to buy things from there. Without the Euro, it would be really hard to buy things from other countries because nobody would use the same currency, so there would have to be a lot of trouble people would have to go through if they wanted to buy anything. The two reasons above out of the many prove that centripetal forces work for supranational cooperation.

50 Euro cents

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People adapt to living in a desert region in many ways. Some nomads wear long robes and cloth over their faces. By doing this, they protect themselves from getting sunburn. The robes are thin, so it's not that hot to wear them. Other people adapt by living near oases. Since deserts have lots of droughts, living near oases are good because you’ll always have water. Also, because that’s where people go to trade. There are many ways to adapt to living in a desert region, and the ones listed above are just some of the many ways it can be done.

A desert region

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

It can make that region wealthier. Usually a valuable resource like oil, provides lots of jobs because it takes lots of people to get the oil out of the oil reserves and distribute it. This makes the region wealthier because with more jobs means more people get money. If lots of people get money, than that area is usually wealthy. The government owns the rich oil companies like OPEC. Since the government owns the money making oil companies, they’ll spend some of the money on roads and buildings, or important things that region needs. As proven, having a valuable resource like oil can make a region wealthier.

An oil rig
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