Descriptive Writing Alavina Lolohea

There are many different ways to describe me, I am a Tall, wild, outgoing stubborn child. I have chocolate brown eyes, chubby cheeks, dark long hair with yellowy-tan skin. In my family I have my mum and dad, 2 sisters and 1 brother, 4 half-sisters, 1 half-brother and 3 adopted sisters.

I am also Tongan. I love being Tongan because of the delicious food, beautiful costumes, the traditional dances and their natural crazy personality. Another thing I like is our Flag religious meaning, the red cross symbolize the Christianity coming to the Island, the white means purity and the red represent the blood of Christ.

Tongan Flag

My hobbies. During my spare time I like to read, sing or play outside with my family and play cards. I love to read because when your into it, your mind goes into another world and you don't know whats going on around you. My favourite book is Sweet Damage by Rebecca James, my favourite author.

My Religion. I am a Wesleyan Methodist. The most fun thing about church is when sing and go Sunday school. During Sunday we learn about each of the stories in the bible and find out the moral lesson of it. I am a big believer in god and I know that he is watching everyone and has plans for us.

I am currently a Year 9 student in Papatoetoe High school. During my time there I have come to love the diversity of our school and our school motto "Digne Lampadas Tradas" which mean Worhty to carry the torch. My favourite subjects in school are Maths and Japanese because I am very good at it.

Our School shield

In conclusion, I am a very crazy, religious, Tongan, energetic 13 year old book worm. I still have a long journey in life so I still don't know how i'll end up in life but I hope I am a successful Publisher.


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