Delaware Colony Founded in 1638 Abigail Perry

This is Peter Minuit founder of the Delaware Colony.He was a Dutch merchant from Germany. Minuit and his family left Germany to fled from religious persecution of Catholics. Peter Minuit also is the founder of the New York Colony.

The Delaware Colony had many religions including these in this picture.

The Geography of the Delaware Colony was flat land surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The geography also contained swamps and their soil was very fertile for farming.

This is a One Shilling. The economy of the Delaware Colony was paid in shillings. It was based on farming,manufacturing, and trade. The colony was mostly refereed to as the breadbasket colony because it grew many crops.

Many occupations of the Delaware Colony were

  • farmers
  • physicians
  • weavers
  • blacksmith
  • construction workers
  • etc.

The daily life of the people in the Delaware Colony was very welcoming of different religions and beliefs. A place where everyone was considered equal.

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