Airplanes - W.W.1 By: Christina, Alex, Nico, and Meliza.

What are Airplanes? Airplanes are a type of transportation, used to travel to far distances in a short period of time.

How do you operate an Airplane? Operating an airplane is up to a control panel located inside the plane. Operating an airplane in 1903 was much simpler than today. The first successful airplane only had a wooden lever, and a hip cradle- which the pilot used to control the direction of the plane by moving his hips to either side.

The hip cradle.

Who created the airplane and when did they create it? Airplanes were created by Orville and Wilbur Wright-better known as the Wright Brothers- in 1903, just 11 years before W.W.I started.

How was the technology altered or advanced for use in W.W.I? World War 1 evolved aircraft technology along all frontiers - graduating them from their original canvas-over-wood construction to increased use of metal throughout. Machine guns were added to the plane creating the fighter aeroplane. Due to trench warfare, it was the men in the airs job to get an edge on the enemy and force ultimate air superiority. There were scouts, night bombers, night fighters, and ground attackers.

Pilots dropping bombs.

When was the weapon first used in battle? What country used it first? On April 1, 1915 French pilot Roland Garros took to the air in an airplane armed with a machine gun that fired through its propeller. He first downed a German observation plane. Over the course of two more weeks he shot down 4 more German planes making him a national hero, but he was forced down behind enemy lines and the Germans summoned a nearby aircraft manufacturer to inspect the plane which gave Germans a soon advantage in planes as well.

Impact on W.W.1: The airplane had impacted W.W.1 from a number of reasons. Early in the war, the airplane was thought and used for nothing but observation and reconnaissance. Later in the war however, it was used in every battle possible in the fronts. It was used for ground battle, aerial, naval, and tactical. It was then where it was discovered as a key part of battle strategies.

How the W.W.1 Aircraft influenced modern weaponry: The aircraft in W.W.1 influenced modern weaponry by bringing in new innovations to the arms race. Late in the war, Machine guns such as the vickers machine gun were mounted on the actual aircraft instead of just strapped in. W.W.1 also influenced the airplane as it was there when they invented the bomber. An offensive fighter plane that would carry bombs to drop down and destroy infantry, Anti-Air, Battleships, and structures that were important to the opposing side.

Aircraft brought down by the french.

Conclusion: At first airplanes did not seem as if they would be any use to the war, but as the war raged on there was a dramatic increase in the amount of airplanes and aircraft's used in war by each country. Each country soon realized the benefits of adopting the airplane as a weapon- such as using it to scope the battlefield and bombing.

A British airman going to take a photo of the enemy lines.
French pilot loading his machine gun

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