Gun Control As gun related violence continues to be an issue, more and more americans want gun banning laws passed in the U.S.


Gun Control Laws: The set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians.

Ballistic: The science of mechanics that deals with the launching, flight, behavior, and effects of projectiles, especially bullets

Mass Shootings: An incident involving multiple victims of firearms-related violence.

Homicides: The deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another.

Seized: To take hold of something suddenly and/or forcibly.

Psychiatric: Relating to any mental illness or its treatment.

People trying to end gun violence by rallying

Why might we pass a gun restriction laws?

There is way too much gun violence in our country. In fact Australia has banned guns and their gun violence has dropped dramatically. According to Meghan Rosen. Guns can cause so much violence, but a ban on them can make for a safer future. There is no way to stop someone with a gun from entering everyday places. “There is easy access for guns in schools, places of worship, movie theaters, and nightclubs.” Says Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. Passing gun control laws seems like such a good thing, yet a lot of people are opposed to the fact of not being able to carry guns. They should know that gun related violence would drop.

Gun Free zones are good to keep people safe

Why might gun violence drop if guns are banned?

Some argue that banning guns can heavily reduce gun violence. In countries that have banned guns such as Australia the gun violence has dropped tremendously because they have not had a mass shooting since. Plus this stops other tragedies such as suicide. Toby Meyjes from Metro News says, “Over the next decade firearm homicide rates dropped, the risk of dying by gunshot more than halved. Firearm suicides also fell from around 3 in every 100,000 to 0.75 in every 100,000. Also there were no mass shootings.” The stats show that there is a significant decline in gun related fatalities in Australia where they had banned guns. Many wonder if this will really stop the killing of many people.

Maryland trying to pass gun restricting laws

Will banning guns really help to stop innocent people dying?

Banning guns can actually reduce gun violence. It has been proven true in Australia. There have been fewer and fewer homicides by gun since they had banned them in Australia. Philip Alpers, a professor at Sydney School of Public Health says “I have done studies showing that aside from the victims of the Port Arthur shooting, 69 gun homicides were recorded in 1996 compared with 30 in 2012.” Also Jess Henig a reporter from Factcheck states “Since 1996, more than a million privately owned firearms are known to have been surrendered or seized, then melted down ” this helps to prevent killing because there won't be any guns. The Australians banned guns in their country and this stat proves that it worked out for them. Banning guns really will help people stop killing others. Also it can help reduce gun related crimes other than homicide.

Rally to help stop gun violence

will the ban on guns help reduce armed robberies and theft?

Banning these ballistic weapons can provide safety to many people. If we were able to ban guns or even have stricter laws then certain crimes could be stopped or even tragedies could have been prevented. John Donohue from CNN explains how this could help.“Germany: you have be under the age of 25 has to pass a psychiatric evaluation.” It proves that the Charleston church shooting could have been prevented if we just had stricter gun laws. Plus David H. Bailey from the Huffington Post says “if there were no gun there would be no guns to commit gun related crimes with. Also this can and is a very good way to ensure we aren't giving guns to the wrong people. Even with guns being banned we still need to take more action in getting them off the streets.

Terrible people in history embraced the use of guns

How might we collect all of the guns when banned?

The government could have so called “stations” for every county or they could send people to collect them from your house. They could have people surrender their guns and have them destroyed. Christopher Ingraham from the Washington post states “People all over Australia had turned over their guns” Also Dan Conifer from ABC says “They traced the guns back to the point of origin and shut it down so they couldn’t get illegal guns. This means they could collect the guns before they could be distributed. That explains a fair and simple way that the Australians did when the guns were banned in Australia.

Areas with prohibited use of guns keep visitors safe

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