Teaching Students How to Make Inferences Using historical propaganda in your classroom

What I did & Why I did it

The graphic organizer I created included prompting questions for students that they used as they rotated through the gallery walk. Each box of questions was specifically created to address the artistic elements and details of one particular photo in the gallery walk. The following are student responses to the picture on the right of Hitler seemingly leading a crowd of supporters.

The above student was able to identify the light rays as an allusion to heaven and was able to recognize the portrayal of Adolf Hitler's godliness.
The student recognized the large crowd behind Hitler and was able to associate the mass with Hitler's role as a leader.
The student recognized the allusion to childhood as Hitler plays with his tiny set of soldiers. However, the student failed to notice that the poster was written in English and instead of saying "Americans," simply refers to those who opposed the Nazis as "anti-Nazi."
This student's reason does not truly reflect the specific intention for the poster's creation. Answers are fairly vague and some are even inaccurate. However, there is some historical knowledge present as s/he refers to the Axis and the Allies.
The student clearly understands that the propaganda is trying to show the man in a positive light. S/he recognizes that the student has desirable characteristics: professional, clean, handsome, and fit.
The student had a hard time thinking through a theoretical lens. S/He believed that the creator was the man pictured, and concludes her response with, "[the poster] makes them want to become a Nazi and do wrong things also." The student struggles to look at the poster as if her thinking was aligned with the ideals of the Nazi party and clearly shows her stance by using the word "wrong" in her explanation.

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