Florida Museum of Natural History ANdrew Shafer

Nature on Display

The butterfly garden allowed me to immerse myself in nature. This exhibit allowed me to not only learn about nature, but to experience it. I learned that butterflies pollinate flowers and feed on fruit. I enjoyed this part of the museum because it gave me a taste of the beauty that nature has to offer.

Nature and Ethics

The butterfly garden allowed people to become part of nature, rather than just look at it. The butterflies in the butterfly garden are living creatures kept in captivity. While the butterflies at the museum and animals at zoos are kept in an effort of conservation, does that justify keeping them in captivity? Should humans have the right to take away the freedom of animals? I think we should do a better job at conserving ecosystems so that keeping animals in captivity isn't necessary for conservation and we can experience real nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Part of the human spirit is to learn about the world around us. The natural history museum shows us parts of the world that we don't always get to see and appreciate. Learning about nature helps us understand the world we live in and the countless other species that we share it with.

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