Medieval Torture Devices Emma pfaff

Ordeal by Fire- accused had to pick up a red hot iron bar and hold it while they walked three or four paces. Their hand was then bandaged. After three days they had to return to the court where the bandages were removed. If the wound was beginning to heal they were innocent but if the wound showed no sign of healing then they were pronounced Guilty.

Ordeal by combat:Noblemen would fight (usually to the death) in combat with their accuser. The winner of the battle would be considered to be in the right.

rial by ordeal: The kings court decided if innocent or guilty.

Brazen Bull: he Brazen Bull torture device was a Greek device used to torture the criminals till death. It was one of the most gruesome methods of executing criminals during the medieval period.

Burning alive: Burning people alive was one of the most common ways of punishing blasphemers, witches and heretics in medieval Europe. Usually deemed as burning at stake, the punishment was public.

Medieval witchcraft:Used as form of poisoning. it was required for medieval people to denounce all the works of demo.


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