elamy Consulting is a full-service agency that provides business Strategy & Creative support to help your brand grow as your Business M.A.P. [Mentor.Advisor.Partner]

  • AS A MENTOR | We listen to your goals and challenges, then we develop relevant ideas and improvements with you
  • AS AN ADVISER | We prioritize business areas to target, create clarity and develop plans to implement quality processes
  • AS A PARTNER | We build strategies based on your setup to help you achieve your goals, improve performance & drive quality actions

Our Services

We provide curated Strategic & Creative advice, support and services to help with your brand grow


BUSINESS STRATEGY| "We provide advice, knowledge and strategic support to plan and grow your business"

  • Business review and roadmap creation
  • Marketing concepts and go-to-market plans
  • Process planning, optimization and implementation


BRANDING & IDENTITY | "Your brand's identity is critical to its future. Let us help you set this foundation to quality business decisions"

  • Detailed and concise brand discovery
  • Develop, build and enhance your Brand Identity Model (BIM) and your company's voice
  • Establish style guide: logos, colors, imagery and typography


FINANCIAL & SALES | "We help create a clear view of your business' past, present and future with data and analytics"

  • Create metrics and insightful reporting
  • Develop or analyse your cash flow
  • Plan your financial baselines and targets


CREATIVE DIRECTION | "We can be your Creative Director on-demand to execute your vision and ideas successfully"

  • Design conceptualization and development
  • Marketing campaign ideation and planning
  • On-site support of creative executions


CONTENT CREATION | "We help you create and tell your story with thoughtful and on-brand visuals and creative content"

  • Brand stylist to take your content to the next level
  • Photoshoot planning and execution
  • Video content creation and support


PRESENTATIONS | "Get your audience onto the same page, we help you articulate your vision and objectives effectively"

  • Sales training, team building and go-to-market plans
  • Corporate initiatives and performance reports
  • Business overview, pitches and general communication

We work with you to optimize your brand, our goal is to help you drive sales by "Innovating like a start-up, executing like a corporation"

Our goal is to free up time for owners, founders and business leaders to focus on other important activities, while creating results driven plans of action