A day in the life of Shea Turner Destiny Chapman, soulsville hs

Typing up her paper, Shea Turner closes in on finishing her assignment and covers all bases before completing and turning in her paper . During class Shea diligently finalized her report of a black box play she viewed a few days before.
Completed and now rechecking Shea goes over her report before officially turning it in. After brushing up on her assignment , Shea and her teacher discuss her next assignment and is given a list of places she could attend to complete it.
With her work done and time to spare Shea shares a part of her past experiences and activities. In the moment Turner relived early memories of her time at the music festival Coachella.
Stopped by Jacob, Shea shares her past assignment and her passion for journalism. Further down the conversation Shea shares how he wants to pursue media journalism as a career.
Happy to help, Shea gladly stop and took a photo for the two young ladies passing by. They thanked Shea after applauding her for the amazing photo she took.
Hearing of her friends dilemma Shea quickly sorted out ways for the pair to complete an upcoming assignment. After coming to a conclusion, Turner and friend, Lilly, went to seek more information and guidance on their plan.
Opened to advice Shea and Lilly went over options and possibility for their assignment with the administrator and teacher. After their short discussion and final decision on what to do for their assignment Shea was off to lunch and then her dorm room.
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destiny chapman

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