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A common assumption is that organisations need vast lists of Funders to approach and this may be true with capital and other major appeals.

However, decades of grant-seeking and grant-giving experience confirm a simple piece of common sense: a long list of ineffective approaches keeps you busy but achieves little.

Your time is better spent on increasing your likelihood of success and of success at a higher grant level. So it is that, alongside the ACVO Funding Directory , we are sharing with you our Funding A-Z – tips, pointers, prompts, suggestions, challenges for you to use as you go about your work to make your organisation sustainable.

Each letter of the alphabet represents an area of the overall grant-seeking task which we will be pleased to follow up with you with further coaching, mentoring, information-giving, signposting and training if required.

For some of you there will be some new thinking, for others a useful reminder of what you have learnt before.

We recommend sharing the Alphabet within your wider organisation. While the focus here is on grant-seeking, there is relevance here for all kinds of Third Sector income generation and business development.

We would love to hear from you!

For help and advice on all things funding, get in touch with Alison (alison.chandler@acvo.org.uk) or Kaja (kaja.czuchnicka@acvo.org.uk) here at ACVO.

ACVO Funding A-Z