P A U S E | Our unique and powerful 7 day Healing & Transformation Retreat is specifically designed around the body and mind. Our Purpose is to help you BREAK FREE from Old Patterns, Blocks and anything else that is Holding you back! 'PAUSE' can support You in RE-DISCOVERING YOUR LIFE and Make it a True Reflection of your INFINITE NATURE! Allowing you to experience true synergy between MIND & BODY!


= P A U S E = to Relax, Rejuvenate & Ignite Awareness! A great deep cleanse and release of your Body & Mind is a Great Start. To move your healing and well-being in the right direction, our Expert Healers & Teachers focus on creating deep relaxation through Unique & Simple Meditation Practices. Our Healers also work on rejuvenation of your Body & Mind through an Innovative Massage Practice and Energy Healing & then Our Spiritual Teachers create an effective environment of Learning to ignite your Self Awareness. This unique combination creates the perfect catalyst for you to gain a whole new perspective to Your Life.. a Life filled with infinite Happiness and Growth!

= P A U S E = to Remove Old Blocks & Patterns! At 'ReDiscover' we use a unique synergy of Ancient Healing Practices with Newer Healing Process & Methods to help your Body & Mind Release Unwanted and Negative Patterns, Holding and Blockages. With this you will be more than ready to embrace the truth be it in pain or disease or relationships or life itself!. Our Spiritual Teachers and Healers use effective and proven Techniques with purposeful innovation - like EBRR (Emotional Body Release & Refresh), BPSC (Body Power Source Cleansing), RTPM (Re-energized Tibetan Pulsing Method) OIAC (One-On-One Intensive Aware Counselling Sessions) among others. The techniques and methods used are extremely powerful and have been proven over the ages to be very effective. Be ready to not just change but be truly Transformed!

= P A U S E = to Correct & Sustain! At this point you are sure to feel lighter with an ignited mind than ever before! Our Expert & Experienced Healers and Spiritual Teachers work with you to help you correct any challenges in your Mind and Body through our Vast & Profound YOGA Practice, Body Consciousness Techniques and Mind Awakening Methods. Leaving you with absolute Clarity deep within you ... allowing you to not just Live.. but to LEAD LIFE!

= P A U S E = to Go Deeper Within! at ReDiscover our reason for existence is to Enable You to Create Sustain & Grow, a Life of Deep WellBeing and Profound Meaningfulness. Our Spiritual Teachers are blessed to be able to support you in your quest for a more meaningful Life and a More Successful Life by creating Deep Awareness based learning sessions, that are Super Interactive, Really Simple, Immensely Effective & Easily Implementable. Our Guru / Masters / Teachers believe that effective questioning ability and Absolute Clarity about Your own Mental Body, Emotional Body, Energy Body & Physical Body, will ensure that You are More Aware, More Successful, More In-Charge and yes More Happy than ever before! Like our Guru says - 'All that One Needs to live a complete life, is simply to Learn "How to Think"

= P A U S E = to Reconnect & Recharge! 'ReDiscover' has Retreats in the Western Range of the Himalayas and in the invigorating beaches of Goa in India. The choice of location allows you to experience and connect with mother nature more powerfully and deeply. We have with great attention to energies, selected a few places for Catharsis based Activity and Deeper Yoga Practices that are bound to uplift your spirits and help you Reconnect with Your True Self! We also include a refreshing and healing visit to the Natural Hot Water Springs in the Himalayas. Not to forget our homely and organic meal plans that are designed to help you detox, balance, heal and energize your Body and Mind! So go ahead take a Break... to reconnect within... take a =PAUSE=

There is always light even in the darkest of Times! Life can be mundane, boring or even robotic, Maybe even filled with more than a fair share of let downs, failures, Pain and Suffering, Maybe Life seems like a constant chaos of health and wealth challenges or Maybe life seems like its not just complete... like you are missing something. Whatever be the reason for your life being what it is... At ReDiscover we know and believe that all it takes is a little will, some deft planning and the deep desire to BE MORE to -rediscover- your life in its true essence and realise who you really are! Don't allow your life to remain where it is... there is a better place and we are committed to support you to constantly seek and reach a Life enriched by a Self Aware Mind and a Healthy Body.... ensuring that Happiness, Peace, Immense Growth, Beautiful Relationships and Meaningfulness are always the core of YOUR LIFE! So Go On... =PAUSE= ... and rediscover the REAL YOU!
A Modern School of Well-being & Meaningful Living!

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