Mindful Nature By Tess

I hope this helps you.

Step 1. Lay down on your back or on your side. Step 2. Take some deep breaths (think about your day) breathe in for four seconds and out for five. Do this 20 times. Step 4. Sit up and you should feel relaxed and in control of yourself. Carry on doing this for the rest of the week once a day.

Week two

Step 1. Put on some calm music then sit down and cross your legs and put your hands on your knees. Step 2. Take deep breaths to the count of 5 then breath out to the same count, try to clear your mind of all negative thoughts do this for 5 minutes. Step 3. When your done get up slowly (because when you a really calm or still for a while it will come as a shock to your body) and think of your happiest thoughts when it is all over.

Week three

Step 1. Take a few deep breaths. Step 2. Think over what happened Step 3. Once you have thought over it get ready to go for a run. Step 4. As you run as fast as you can feel your self let go of all your anger stress or sadness. Step 5.

Keep on sprinting till you feel a little more calm.

Once you feel even more calm start to jog.

When you feel completely calm you can walk.

If you feel mad again start running and repeat the same thing till you really feel calm.

Sit or lie down for 5 minutes or till you are relaxed then go back inside.

Created By
Tess norton


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