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At A Glance About Attica, Athens & Glyfada

Attica is a triangular peninsula jutting into the Aegean Sea, and is a historical region of Greece, where Athens, the capital of Greece is based.

During the antiquity, Athenians were proud to say that they were all born in Attica and did not move from another place, up until the Ionians, a tribe from Peloponisos sought refuge.

Up to around the 6 BC Attica boasting an independent community living, which was about to change under Cleisthenes's reforms - Attica was divided into municipalities or "demes" and power was transferred to Athenian politicians.

Attica has an impressive coastline of more than 100 kilometers - and what most visitors don't realise is that the coastline lies less than 10 miles south of the city center (and less than 10 minutes away from the apartment you just booked)

Athens, the capital of Greece, boasts and impressive lifestyle (especially during the night) and despite the financial crisis, it seems that it is hard to get the good living out of the Greek pshyche. This is evident by the thousand o cafes, bars, hundreds of night clubs and restaurants that open everyday, and the impressive art and shows that are hosted throughout the year.

Pristine beaches and flamboyant neighborhoods compose the newest contemporary part of the city, close to the center, the open gallery of Athenian history.

Take the opportunity to swim, relax at a waterfront café, walk along the picture-perfect pedestrian streets and the marinas, exercise your favourite water sport, shop in one of the area’s modern shopping centres, dine by the sea or entertain yourself in one of the coastal avenue’s buzzing clubs

Glyfada, a suburb of the modern Athens, is one of the most elegant districts of Athens. Glyfáda stands out for its sandy palm-fringed beaches, its cosmopolitan clubs (where the pulse of the Athens nightlife beats), its polished hotels, boutiques and restaurants as well as its marinas, a much preferred yacht-mooring place for a getaway! Highlight - the crystal clear waters of Glyfada beach and its 18-hole modern golf course.

Arriving in Glyfada

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