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My name is Kenneith Minh Tran, I am a student and a musician at Alvin Community College. I am currently attending here to get my basics out of the way, so I can move on to getting closer to what I want to do in life. After graduating Alvin Community College, I will attending UTMB (University of Texas Medical Branch) for the nursing program. I have been playing the Clarinet since 6th grade until now. Music is one of my passions, so I took the opportunity here at ACC and continued playing music. Attending ACC has helped me with my writing and English. I have learned all sorts of techniques that I could possibly use in the future for my writing and reading. At first I did not realize that there were more other types of essays other than persuasive, expository, and narrative. I learned the proper way to layout MLA format, and the difference between APA and MLA format. Citing my work in each essay use to be difficult because I did not understand the right way to do it. Now when I cite my sources at the end of each essay or in text it is much more easier to do.







Whenever in class make sure the phones are on silent or turned off because if the phone makes a noise the class will have a pop quiz. Make sure to always check blackboard because all of the assignments are posted there. When you have a question email, send a message on blackboard, or have a one on one talk with the professor. Keep practicing, it will make your writing better as time goes on. 

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