SALT 5-1 TRAY Giants do fall

I grew up on the East side of Detroit, off E. Jefferson and Conner. I was known in the neighborhood for fighting, singing, rapping, flipping and humming over favorite meals as I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. I always carried these characteristics, from elementary even past High School. Even now at the age of 26, I am still full of excitement and well known for singing a tune. The Difference is now that I take all the negative things about me and flip them into positives, all for The Glory of the Lord! The reason behind my transformation is Powerful. In 2013, I was rushed to the hospital and caused panic throughout the Family.

Once calm and sedated I explained I was seeing Demons and Demonic faces. The doctors called it "hallucinations" from medications I had been receiving for kidney problems. but what I saw was far too real. Since then I am no longer Theo, I am now publicly known as Salt 5-1 Tray. I have been blazing the streets, internet and neighborhoods with His Gospel music and his Testimony, my new mission is to spread his glory.

In 2017, I feel that I can now fulfill my purpose, my goal, my destiny for His glory.

Phoenix Management 2017


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