Make Poverty History By Olivia Cadwell

In my controversial analysis essay, I analyzed in great detail a very heated topic in society today related to the crisis that is currently happening in South Sudan. My paper focused on whose responsibility it is to become involved when there is an catastrophe in the world. Throughout my research, I discovered there are three main sources of assistance consisting of the United Nations, United States, and the rest of the world. I first discussed the history as well as the current famine that is happening in South Sudan and then focused on each source of assistance; analyzing their previous efforts in aiding countries in turmoil as well as what they are presently doing, like to relive the suffering of the South Sudanese people.

After thoroughly analyzing each source as a whole, I began to see that the responsibility of helping other countries should not only be in the hand of certain organizations, such as the United Nations, or governments in countries that have the means to help, like the United States, but rather people worldwide with the motivation to help others and make a difference. It takes a large number of people rather than just a government or organization to make a difference. I began my research by first looking at why it is important for people to want to help others. A common idea was noted across the many sources I viewed. The main reason why people should want to help others in need or in poverty is that it is simply the right thing to do. It is important to remember those who may be I poverty as fellow human beings, not just a burden on society. These people are suffering and we must help them because poverty diminishes people. It’s imperative not to become angered at other governments or people who are responsible for letting so many people suffer, but rather forgetting the politics and focusing on the people. The next part I analyzed was the variety of way one can get involved. There are various organizations such as UNICEF, International Rescue Committee and Doctors Without Borders that are currently on the ground bringing to relief to people who need it. These organizations accept donations as well as willing people to go to these locations and help.

I realize that the whole world may not care to be involved in charity or humanitarian efforts, but throughout my research I noted that college students as well as generation X should be the ones to step up and speak for people who cannot. This age group is more often than not the most active in promoting the world to be a better place not to mention fearless.


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