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My name is Nathan Hillman. This is a story about me, and my collection of artworks that I have made while studying at George Brown College.

Some of my hobbies include a softball team that I play with during the summer in Muskoka. (if you look at my right arm it looks to be 4 feet long, fantastic picture :D)

Playing pool.

Performing at bars with friends. That's a 12 string, left handed guitar, they are pretty hard to find.

Playing video games with friends.

And of course, Halloween beer pong tournaments.

Home sweet home.
This is The George residence. This is where I have been living for my first year of college. It also happens to be the first year the residence was opened making me one of the first students to live in the building. The best feature about this building is how close it is to the 3 most important stores a college student needs: Dollarama, No Frills, and of course the LCBO, all right beside one another. The other best selling feature is the only 15 minute walk away from St James campus.
The living space in the rooms is pretty tight, especially considering the shared kitchen/bathroom. But most of your time is spent on the desk doing homework anyways.


During my photography class first semester I decided to purchase this Canon DLSR T5 camera for my class. It was a great investment and I learned a lot about the customization settings for my camera. Initially bought for the class, its also just nice to own a half decent camera for your own personal use as well.
These were my 3 favorite pictures I took when I went to Cayo Coco in Cuba after my first semester ended. The parrot has to be my favorite picture I have ever taken. His face and posture seem fine but the molting of his feathers makes him look like a wreck trying to keep it together. Just like me as I approach the last weeks of my final semester!


These are a few of my favorite drawings completed in pencil, black and white pencil crayon, or charcoal in my life drawing class. My favorite being the girl with the frizzy black hair in the bottom left. I knew going into this drawing it was going to be a challenge due to the foreshortening to get the proportions accurate, but I was very pleased with how much improvement I have made since the begining of my class

Video game character

This sketch was completed in pencil as part of a video game character creation. During our Art Showcase class, every student submitted an original character they created that were then posted on Instagram and voted on. The top 3 designs were made into silk screens for the artists and anyone who wanted a shirt of a fellow peers creation. I was very happy to find out that I had won the contest and received my very own silk screen of my original design.

Video game character proccess

For the process work of creating my character named "Radix" I usually would have started with some thumbnail sketches, but I had known long before I got this project the kind of character I wanted to create. A very natural, surreal, fantasy character made of roots, wood, and vines. The final sketch above was my very first drawing of him and I was so pleased with it that it became my final.

These 3 images where used as reference for my drawing. The picture of the tree wrapped in vines was very helpful to look back at and implement into my drawing. The man on the tree was essentially the foundation for the shape and scene my character would be in. The final image was Groot; a character already created similar to what I wanted to achieve for inspiration.

Ink Drawings

All of these pieces are done using a black ink pen. These projects were assigned to help with the understanding of contour lines, perspective, and the use of different techniques for shading, including stippling, hatching, cross hatching, and many others.
The bearded dragon was my favorite piece I had completed so far. It was to recreate an image using different ways of shading. The eyes and ears were stippled and the scales were hatched. Full disclosure, I thought the pencil version in the middle was going to be the final product and took me 4 hours. After talking to some peers they informed me the final had to be done in ink and on hot press board. The new final took 8 hours, and as sore as my wrist was at the end of it, it was by far my favorite drawing and worth all the effort put in.

The dream job

I fell in love with video games at a very early age. My brother and I were always side by side in front of the TV playing games in our spare time.

As time passed the consoles and games kept getting better with graphics updates and improved story lines. It was just so fascinating to me that people created these games and all the small details in them. It seemed like magic in my young mind.

This relic of the past used to be my favorite place to be once a week. Back when video games could be rented out and played. It was one of my very favorite days when my brother and I would get to go rent a new game.

At long last we got to games of this caliber, with huge open worlds with so much to explore and interact with. I found myself so immersed with these huge virtual worlds and during a class called Civics/Careers in Grade 9 I knew that I wanted to be a game designer.

Now as I'm approaching my Game Development Program at George Brown next year, I am uncertain whether I want to go toward level development and character creation, but hopefully I will know for sure soon.

One of the companies I would love to work for is Blizzard. Most of their games are fantasy based, and that is exactly what I would love to work on.

The other company I would love to work at is Ubisoft. They release a wider array of games like first person shooters, fantasy RPGs, racing games, and fighting games.

Video games foster the mindset that allows creativity to grow. -Nolan Bushnell

Digital Art

All these pieces were done using either Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or a Wacom tablet sketch program. Most peers in my class were already very familiar with these programs and luckily I found a friend who would help me very much through this class. During my years in high school I had no exposure to these programs and was quite frankly very nervous in starting my digital artwork. As a first time user of all these programs I was pretty proud of the things I accomplished and very grateful for the support I had from my friends.
It's always hard learning something new, sometimes it's best to jump right in. or do a flip. Flips are cooler. -Nathan Hillman


The color wheel and character creation are done with gauche paint on cold press board, and the other 3 are done with acrylic paint on canvas. My favorite here is the landscape on the N shaped canvas. It was a new experience trying to paint directly on to a canvas with such a unique shape. After I completed this I am hoping to make the other 5 letters of my name and decorate them all in different mediums and have a mixed media piece that spells my name.

Pencil Crayon

Most of the pencil crayon work I did this year was to help with light studies. I chose my 2 best examples of this. One in color, and the other in black and white. I also put in a piece of an anime character I did for fun, it was actually one of the first pieces I did for myself while I was at school and it felt good to do something for fun instead of an obligated deadline.

Material Projects

These projects were so fun because of how many different mediums and materials you get to use. My favorite here was making the George Brown themed Monopoly board. The board is wood and outlined using a wood burning tool. The property, chest, and chance cards are made on Adobe Illustrator. The color added on the board is acrylic paint, and finally a layer of wood varnish completed the board. Every property on the board is an actual course code for a program offered at George Brown.
I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure. -Mae West

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