Ceramics Portfolio By: Paige McNally


My tiles are fall themed. I came up with design because the next season at the time was fall. I decided to make my tiles related to fall and holidays like Halloween that are in that season. The tiles was my first project and it was what I created when I was just getting used to using clay.

Slab Box

The slab box was my second project. This project idea was decided because it was around Christmas time so I thought a present would be a cool idea. This project really taught me how important slipping and scoring (carve into clay and add slip which is a very wet clay) is because in order for the slabs (each side of the box) to stay together to make the box shape, I needed to slip and score very well


This is my teapot. I was going to make it a dinosaur, but it ended up coming out like a chicken, so, I call it the chickosaur. During this project, I learned how to hollow out the inside of the teapot using a big loop tool. I also learned how to use texture to make the wings on the chickosaur look like dinosaur scales.

Wheel Thrown Work

This is my bowl that I threw on the wheel. It's a summer bowl because the sides of the bowl are open and not caving in like a winter bowl. I decided to glaze it using a dusty rose glaze and I then speckled it with purple glaze using a toothbrush.

This is my cylinder that I made on the wheel. This was my first wheel thrown project. I decided to mix glazes to make a tie dye look. I mixed a yellow glaze with a fushia.

This is my vase. I created it on the wheel just like my bowl and cylinder. I used a dusty rose glaze for it with a blue blaze, making it tie dye just like my cylinder.


Created with images by Pexels - "art clay craft"

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