2008-2016 8 years in hell

It all started 8 years ago and rapidly has plunged the United States into an abyss of economic debt that will create generations of American servitude paying off his wayward spending endeavors. As a result of it we have severe social decay, crumbling economy, human misery, oppression, diseases, etc. here is a list of domestic failures.

  • Illegals bringing guns, drug and diseases through the southern border
  • Bowe Bergdahl swap
  • Passing on the keystone pipeline
  • 9 Trillion dollars more in debt
  • Vast expansion of government
  • Racial Division at all-time high
  • Inviting Bomb Boy Ahmed to White House
  • Disrespect for Cops
  • Failed economic stimulus plan
  • Constant disregard for the Constitution and tyrannical rule
  • China overtook America as world’s largest economy
  • Double Downgrade
  • Housing policies failed to stop foreclosures
  • Price of healthcare has drastically risen for those purchasing it
  • Education policies failed to curb college costs
  • Highest percentage of Americans on Food Stamps and Medicaid
  • Record 92,898,000 Americans over 16 years not working
  • Lowest Labor Force participation rate of 62.7%
  • Denying the notion of American Exceptionalism
  • Securing the Olympics for Chicago in 2016
  • Naming numerous Communists/Socialists/Progressives to Czar Positions
  • Ebola virus arrived to the United States
  • Mismanagement and cover up of Terrorist shootings in San Bernardino, California
  • Mismanagement of Gulf Oil Spill
  • Disastrous Vetting Process of “Immigrants” from Muslim Nations
  • Refusing to Listen to CIA/FBI that there is no way to properly vet certain immigrants from Muslim nations
  • ZIKA virus arrived to the United States
  • Fort Hood Shooting
  • Colorado EPA Disaster
  • Veto of 911 Crime Bill- which was overturned
  • Worst economic recovery since the depression with anemic GDP numbers
  • Over 94 million Americans out of the workforce
  • Solyndra
  • 46.5 million individual food stamp recipients
  • 109,631,000 living in households taking federal welfare benefits as of the end of 2012
  • 82,679,000 of the welfare-takers lived in households where people were on Medicaid.
  • 4,517,000 received other forms of federal cash assistance.
  • New York has 19,651,127 people on welfare
  • Pulse Orlando nightclub in Orlando, Fla. ...
  • Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va. ...
  • Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. ...
  • Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas (Oct. 16, 1991) ...
  • McDonald's restaurant in San Ysidro, Calif. ...
  • University of Texas Tower in Austin, Texas (Aug. 1, 1966) ...
  • Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo.
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Fern Bautista


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