Accessing Unconscious Processes

Just a young artist at work, possibly creating and ink blob to later identify as something that provides ambiguous stimuli designed to trigger projection of my inner dynamics. Scribbling was always my go-to technique.

Inferiority Complex

Inferiority complex is behavior driven to conquer childhood feelings of inferiority. When I was child I always seemed to be striving for superiority and being able to take control.

I may have been young at the time but this was just the early stages of my plotting to take over and rule the world.

Telling everyone about my plans and ideas to become powerful one day even though no one is listening or paying attention to me.

Showing my family an example of just how big and powerful I will become.

Getting a little bit out of control and carried away when I finally get my hands on some power.

Just realizing how powerful I am and really living it up in the moment.

Finally making it as Queen, this is a picture of a commoner and I.

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