Chivalry Presentation By: Katie Sprague

The Code of Chivalry

- The code of chivalry, is a code that knights were expected to live by.

- Knights were committed to indicate religious faith and readiness to protect the Catholic Church.

- They must defend the townspeople and the weak.

- Lastly, they were supposed to show courage in every fight and challenge injustice.

A Knight's Armor and Equipment

- Knights were suited with layers of armor and armed with specific equipment.

- They were fit with flexible gloves for handling swords.

- Knights' helmets had air holes for breathing.

- Had layers of body armor and fabrics.

- The average armor weighed 65 pounds! Not counting the weapons knights were also equipped with.

The Upbringing of a Future Knight

- Parents would raise their children till the age of seven, normally surrounding them with information explaining the role of a knight.

- Wealthy citizens would encourage boys to play with toy swords and shields mimicking a knights role to protect their kingdom.

- Families would also attend tournaments together.

The Life of a Page

- At seven years old a boy would be sent to a nobles home or castle to be educated on the role of a knight.

- The job of a page was to act as a servant to the lords and ladies owning the estate, waiting on them at the table, dressing them, etc..

- As they served, they would be taught riding, hawking, religion, manners, hunting, and chess or backgammon, strategic games.

The Life of a Squire

- A squire, the boy at about the age of fourteen, was expected to entertain and learn "courtly etiquette", music, jousting, dancing.

- They were also further educated on tactics as a knight, the rules of Heraldry, Chivalry, handling weapons, and horsemanship.

- In times of war, squires would be sent out to aid the knights in battle, helping their horses into armor and tending to them as needed.

The Life of a Knight

- A ceremony would be held honoring past squires and awarding them with knighthood.

- In becoming a Knight, they would be expected to live by the Code of Chivalry, protecting their kingdom at all times.

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