September 2021 members newsletter


According to Namipedia her name doesn’t figure in the top 1000 in America, which in itself sounds a dubious statement, but the sound of it has resonated in our clubhouse on a regular and consistent basis in recent weeks.

“Corrina as a name for girls is of Greek and Latin derivation, and the meaning of Corrina is "maiden; spear". Corrina is a variant form of Cora (Greek): probably a version of Kore. Corrina is also a variation of Corin (Latin): French version of Quirinus. Corrina is also used as a variation of Corinna (Greek).”

We couldn’t leave August without doing justice to the winners of the Asia course Stableford played on the 31st and won in convincing style by our very own Corinna Dawkins, ever smiling and understandably so. She would recognise the click of my camera from a distance!

L/r Marjan 38, Corinna 42, Pauline 33.

As is too often the case, unfortunately, the only male “winner” within camera range, and then only on handicap, was

Roger Harman 35.
Prize giving in the Tiger Lounge.

Sorry you were delayed Corinna, but well played – again.


Fresh from their lovely sounding cruise holiday are Vice Captains Peter and Kate Bradley, now responsible for organising September while the Murphy’s enjoy some respite. To kick off weekend proceedings on Saturday 4th on America they came up with a Scramble described as “an easy start” and a name never before seen in this newsletter. To quote from the day’s rules – ‘Everyone drives, select best, then the person whose drive/shot has been taken steps aside and does not play the next shot’. At which juncture Scribbler hands over the reins to Kate Bradley, with only some minor editing needed.

“Leaving home for La Cala this morning was a beautiful brisk sunny day. When Peter and I arrived the car park was jammed pack with visitors. There were more than 300 golfers playing today – the biggest number since March 2020. It was great to see so many people there however with that comes the fact that there was slow play. I phoned Jack on the 17th to let him know he and his camera should come down in around 30 minutes but Lilian had sent him packing long before!!

The day really heated up and the format which was a Step Aside Scramble did favour the 4 ball teams as one can see from the results.

1st with 56.6 points l/r Allan Fotheringham, David Wilson, Laura Thompson, Roger Harman.
2nd with 58.6 points = l/r Geoff Thompson, Ineke De Kloe, Pauline Hilliard, Pat Reid.
3rd with 60.3 points = Susanne Valentin, Marie Wilson, Peter Edstrom, Alan Hemson.

I informed everyone that the toilets would finally be open on the 13th on Europa so that will keep the ladies happy on Tuesday. Also in the pipeline(!!) are 2 new toilets to be built on America – one on the 6th and another between the 11th and 13th holes. The news that the Golf Academy would be receiving a new ball dispensing machine went down well with the avid enthusiastic players.”


Patrick Cantlay won the FEDEX golf championship by one shot from John Rahm and was quickly rewarded by his girl friend. He seemed quite pleased to have his efforts recognized and doubtless will have been explaining some of the technical points to her later. Not a particularly well known name but Patrick was ranked No 1 Amateur in the world at one stage in his career.


Those playing in the Tuesday Stableford on Europa come the 7th were allowed to lift and place on all closely cut areas within one club club’s length no nearer the hole. In her report Vice Captain Kate Bradley makes no reference to this unusual state of affairs but otherwise has this to report:

“Tuesday turned out to be a very hot and humid day. Arriving at La Cala again, the golf course car park was full and it was difficult to find a parking space.

The men ended up with a very close competition, with only one shot between the first four. David Evans 35, Richard Hinds 35. Cees Lagerwerf 34 – on handicap from Roy Davies and Peter Edstrom.

Perhaps it's the after shave, Roy?

The ladies registered a tight finish too with Liisa Lindstrom’s 36 the best of the day. Next up Jill Davies 35 and, despite her recently toughened handicap, Corinna Dawkins 34 eased out Laura Thompson for third position.

L/r Corinna & Jill, seemingly ever present on the rostrum.

Hopefully you are all aware that the 13th toilet on Europa is now open again. A little light relief for our ladies. (!!??)

Finally I just wanted to congratulate Europe on their fantastic win in the Solheim Cup against the American Team. What a wonderful golf tournament it turned out to be. Just a couple of weeks to the Ryder Cup too so a nice start for us all.”

The happy winners, and rightly so.
Rookie Leona Maguire stole the individual show with a wonderful 4.5 contribution. Unbeaten and yet another star in the making, as any Irish fan will tell you.


A ‘First’ for the newsletter comes courtesy of an email from Richard Hinds which we are more than happy to include. We quote: “We were playing on Europa today and Cees Lagerwerf and David Evans had to encourage a horse off of the 14th yellow tee before they could play. I couldn’t get my camera out quick enough to show you the horse on the tee in front of them. Photo taken from the blue tee.”

An annual event which always tests the Resort’s team and this year earned them unanimous congratulations. Several participants passed highly complimentary comment to the newsletter and Scribbler is happy to quote from them.

“It was a wonderful day. LCR did an exceptionally good job with breakfast, halfway house, buggy bar including free cava, and in the evening tapas dinner and prize giving.”

A little more detail came from elsewhere:

“Irrespective of the way anyone played the general view on LCR’s organisation and hospitality would be unanimous. It certainly was as far as our table was concerned. Expansive breakfast in the car park with fresh fruit, coffee, pastries, cookies, etc. 10th hole drinks, sandwich selection, sweets, etc. Refreshment buggy on the course offering cava to soft drinks. Photos before dinner reminiscent of red carpet Hollywood event. Sherry specialist display. Excellent food of three courses of varying tapas. Free flowing wine. Musical entertainment.”

Sean Corte-Real contributed a touch of formality with a speech of suitable length emphasising achievements rather than things planned. Other than, because of over subscription this year, it would be an even bigger event in 2022 with need to use all three courses probably.

Robert Mitchell conducted the prize giving and was only interrupted by the sound of muttering when Hubert Lacroix’s name was announced with a mere 56 points off a handicap of 39!

Our own Arthur O’Connor was the overall male winner on the day with a more realistic but good 39 points, with Ben Van der Spuy and Eddie Plunkett not far behind on 37 but our Irish friend nowhere to be seen when the cameras were clicking!

Arthur O’Connor.

Liesbeth Smits, overall winner last year, performed well again and was the best lady with 39 points. Elisabeth Ward second on handicap from Rosa Hatz.

Adrian Reading was the longest driver on 10 whilst Monique Peters finished nearest the pin on 16, both earning prizes.

L/r Adrian, Martin, Rosa, Arthur, Liesbeth, Monique.

In all there were 84 players in action of which, a little disappointingly, only 24 flew the La Cala membership colours.


Most adults will remember forever where they were and what they were doing when the terrorist suicide pilot ploughed into the New York Trade Centre on “9/11”, the first in a series of inhuman actions and multiple deaths. It is only fitting that we remind ourselves of the horror and pay tribute again to those who worked so hard, and risked their own lives, to minimise the ordeal.


September 8th saw the start of the dreadful fire at Sierra Bermeja which cost the life of one fire fighter and caused the evacuation of 2600 residents. After a week long battle victory was eventually announced on the 14th when day long rain at last turned up to give a helping hand. Initial reports, and speculative ones it must be emphasised for now, suggest it may have been born of arson. 500 firefighters and 40 aircraft needlessly put at risk? One can but hope not.


The morning after the night before and straight into Kate Bradley’s ‘report’ on the Bramble played on Europa Sunday 12th:

“After the excitement of watching the fabulous victory of an 18 year old tennis sensation winning the grand slam in New York there were a few bleary eyes on the golf course this morning. 10 teams braved the hot, humid weather so, feeling generous, I decided to pay out 4 places today – much to the members’ pleasure. Benefiting from this largess in 4th place was husband Peter and his squad. Honestly, just the luck of the draw!”

100 points l/r Peter Bradley, Allan Fotheringham, Jill Davies, Anne Mills.
101 points l/r David Wilson, Mike Tunnell, Shirley Roebuck, Philip Shute.
102 points l/r Susanne Valentin, Dietmar Hofer (guest), Dorothée Schmidt (3 person team).
108 points l/r Sten Valentin, Corinna Dawkins, Geoff Thompson, Paul Roebuck.

Kate ended her contribution with this comment on the winners ... “However, with a ridiculous 108 points came ...“ meant in the nicest possible way.

Ebullient Emma.


Our very own Rain Goddess was due to tee off at 10.00 on America, Tuesday 14th but, kindly soul as she often is, a quiet early morning word was whispered in Kate Bradley’s ear and led to our Lady Captain calling off the scheduled Medal before anyone got wet. In some ways a pity because there was a very healthy Start Sheet.


Asia might not be mentioned in media coverage of the slightly better known version of this inter continental golfing battle but it certainly played a key part in Day One’s proceedings. Sunday 19th would not have been the same without our friendly course on which 9 matches took place in “Better Ball Stableford Matchplay”. A shortage of American nationals led to an enlargement of the day’s title to ‘Europe v Rest of the World’ on which Kate Bradley was to report as follows:

“It started up as a cool morning in perfect conditions. Once again it was great to see the golf course so busy and even best of all lots of the staff whom had been in furlough for such a long time were making a welcome return. Great to see them all back. It became really hot and humid as the morning progressed and the two teams were in full combat gear with the European side in Blue and the Rest of the World in Red. Best score of the day was the birthday boy himself Sten Valentin and his partner Derek Steele who stuff……I mean who beat David Wilson and Monique Peters 7/6.

L/r Derek & Sten.

Another embarrassing beating was the Vice Lady Captain and her partner Alison who were demolished by Ineke De Kloe and Dorothée Schmidt 5/3. Most of the other matches were very close.

L/r Ineke & Dorothée.

At the end of the day however it was a really convincing win by the Rest of the World, 7/2. There will be a lot of catching up to do next Sunday for our final day which will be followed by the prizegiving and tapas and wine for all competitors.”

L/r Roger and David 3rd best score of the day.


Geoff Thompson, commander of phrase turning, master of Thursday’s numeracy challenges, never one to hesitate when calling a spade something else. has had enough. A year at the helm in which he often made David Wilson’s “Rules of the Day” seem simple and straightforward, Geoff has given plenty of notice that he will be retiring at the end of October, shortly after his spell as Popeye the Sailor man, during which time on his high seas absence, Philip Shute has volunteered to deputise for two weeks. At least. Longer term volunteers should not hesitate to put their names forward.

There is more to organising the golf for mostly very experienced, argumentative players though. There is the in house ‘newsletter’ to be written and circulated. Well worth a read and never short on colourful adjectives.This eagerly awaited separate coverage is why RollerUp events don’t often get a mention in these pages.


As cricket lovers will know is an Indian bowler with a most extraordinary run-up but a wickedly flighted delivery. He was largely to blame for England’s collapse in the 4th test match in which he added to his already impressive total of wickets at the highest level. Love has played a part in his life recently too, his marriage to Sanjana Ganesan, a sports presenter, capturing the Indian headlines. Instead of playing the 5th test the whole Indian squad will be isolated in Dubai for six days, during which he and his wife should have time to at least learn how to pronounce each other’s name?


As a spin off from the washed out Medal due to have been played on the 14th players on the 21st, on Europa, were given a choice. Treat the day as a Medal or stick to the publicised Stableford. 15 of those listed chose the former. Over now to Kate Bradley:

“The skies were dark and threatening as we headed to play today and rain was forecast too. However the Gods were looking down on us and we only had a light sprinkling of rain. The wind was howling though and this made for difficult playing conditions. Unfortunately 6 players out of 59 players were disqualified for playing off the wrong tee on number 14. This was most unfortunate especially for Louis as he came in with 36 points. On Tuesday all must play off the discs unless otherwise stated and sadly the disqualifications stood.”

In the Medal David Wilson’s net 73 pipped Derek Steele on handicap whilst Martin Dawkins was but a point adrift on 74.

L/r Derek & David.

Male members already qualified for Finals Day are John Mills, Barry Curran, Brendan Walsh, Adrian Reading, Hugo Verheyen, Cees Lagerwerf, Geoff Thompson, Martin Whelan, Ray Clarke, Richard Hinds, David Wilson.

Monique Peters earned a place in next month’s Finals Day with 71 net, ahead of Caroline Bacon on 72, and Kate Bradley 75, not that there is much solace to be found in coming second or third!

Qualifiers to date are Anne Mills, Loraine Murphy, Jing Krupa, Caz Rosselli, Jill Davies, Isabella Rippinger, Corinna Dawkins, Liisa Lindstrom, Pauline Hilliard, Gerda de Brouwere, Monique Peters.


The invitation and start list is now published on the member system. Loraine reminds those who have already won a place on October 26th that they should be unable to take part, for any reason, they must contact the day organiser as soon as possible so that their place can be offered to the runner up in the month they qualified.

David Millar is a month older than Scribbler but a)is still playing golf and b)playing well! 36 Stableford points off a handicap on the day of 12 is not to be sneezed at whatever your age? Very well done, David. Roger Dew’s 35 will have pleased him after all his health issues, while Cees Lagerwerf will accept third place happily enough.

Evergreen David Millar.

Loraine has this to add to the proceedings:

“So, if anyone has checked out the scores on the member system they will see that David is shown as receiving a +4.0 increase in his handicap. Unfortunately, due to Covid Restrictions together with various operations over the last two years David has been unable to visit us here at La Cala..not even to celebrate his 89th birthday on 5th September ! so any golf he has played has been back at his course in UK. Prior to arriving to La Cala, and as requested to all members who have played qualifying competitions in another country, David sent over his current scoring record, together with his UK handicap index and his handicap here was adjusted to match his UK handicap.

Don't forget, if you are a member in La Cala and play qualifying competitions anywhere in the world, you are required to send those results to La Cala for processing, if you have a Spanish RFEG handicap and vice versa, if you play at La Cala in a qualifying competition you are required by WHS rules to send those results to your designated home club. Once you have received your updated handicap then the adjustment can be shown on our member system.

Talking of birthdays - the baby of our elder statesmen - Mr Jack Perry also celebrated his 89th birthday on another lucky 13 - 13th September. Happy Birthday Jack !

While talking of birthdays - a shout out and "Happy Birthday" goes to Connie Maphar who shares her birthday date with Jack.”

One must chose words carefully when referring to age but Susanne Valentin will take pleasure from her winning 36, two clear of Marjan Harman and Dianne Tomlin whose handicaps decided which 34 went above the other. For the records it was MH but nice to see DT back in action here again after a prolonged absence.

L/r Susanne & Dianne.
Ever bashful Peter Edstrom who won 24 “Two’s” balls as the only achiever.


Officially this years Away Days were scheduled for Thursday/Friday 16 & 17 but some decided to extend the outing and travelled on Wednesday 15th. There was no coach this year so everyone did their own motoring thing, travelling home leisurely during Saturday after what sounds like a testing “holiday”. Lady Captain Loraine Murphy and Vice Captain Kate Bradley somehow managed to conjure up a report which, significantly, omits anything of a revealing nature. Over to THE CAPTAINCY:

"As the event was a long time coming, having been postponed from April 2020, so 20 people decided to join the Captains going for 3 nights rather than two. We checked in around lunchtime and enjoyed the pool etc whilst we waited for the others to arrive. George and Alison Kirk suffered a flat battery and slow puncture early in the journey but took it as an opportunity to learn a few new Spanish words! Once everyone had arrived and enjoyed a welcome drink most went in a convoy of taxies to the restaurant ,although the brave and daring decided to walk. We had dinner in a lovely Spanish restaurant, “El Almacen” and then headed to the Panda Bar for one too many drinks. The hangover the next morning showed how much we enjoyed ourselves and were glad the tee times for the morrow were booked for lunchtime.

A few more words about the restaurant, a lovely renovation of an old grocery store which managed to retain a number of its original features, including the coffered ceiling of wooden beams from the 18th century and a 14 metres long bar. “El Amacen” provided numerous tapas accompanied by the testing of a number of bottles of local red wine, “Garum” and “Samaruco” from the Luis Perez winery.

Sherry Park Golf Course was a 15 minute drive from the hotel and when we got there the buggies were set up and ready to go….all 38 of us. The course was difficult and the greens very slow. Damien and Loraine had brought snacks and drinks and set up a stop point under a tree on the 10th tee and everyone was glad of that. After the game we were treated to tapas and wine (thank you Captains).

The first days prizegiving took place in a packed golf club and the format was an easy bramble. Nearest the pins were won by Brian Garvey and Liisa Lindstrom with the teams all coming in with reasonably close scores - all scoring over 90 points but, there has to be a winner and luckily, with 2 teams on 95 points we didn't need to rely on handicaps as the team of Simon Buddery, Monique Peters, Vera Van de Veken and Hugo Verheyen managed to sneak in on 96 points and claim 3rd place.

In second place on 97 points was the team of Seppo Jaaskalainen, Liisa Lindstrom, Vic & Pauline Hilliard - (an honorable mention must go to our Vice Captains as they managed (with the Captains) to score 98 points but felt it only fair to not take a prize on the day).

The winners however, with a great 100 points, was the ever ready team of Roger & Marjan Harman with our walking guides Martin & Corinna Dawkins.

It was also great to finally be joined by Annie & Ray Clarke who had a slightly traumatic journey over due to the ever wonderful Ryanair staff deciding to put their own interpretation on the travel regulations and require everyone to have their vaccination certificates on an App on their phones..not always possible for everyone..is it Annie.?

We all then rushed back off to the hotel to shower and change as that night Loraine had arranged for a private Flamenco show for us in the oldest bar in Jerez - El Tabanco del Pasaje. The name tabanco dates back to the 17th century, and unites two types of shops, estancos (state-run shops that sell stamps and alcohol among other things) and tabacos (cigarette shops). Eventually these places became more than just a shop and people started to hang out there. Some of them didn’t have a real bar, just a couple of tables and one or more casks. The name is unique to Jerez but similar premises existed all over Andalusia.

The dancer, singer, and guitarist were amazing. There was a great selection of tapas although Kate was a bit miffed they didn’t sell vodka and Annie was alarmed when they ran out of gin but made up for it as the evening went on and we found our way back to the Panda bar again. The singing began in the street and a good night was had by all.

After a leisurely breakfast we headed for the golf club again and played the singles matches. Damien absconded and went round handing out drinks and snacks. The greens were definitely quicker today so made it more difficult - for some of us. It was really hot and humid and after a couple of rough nights we were glad to cool off in the clubhouse.

David Wilson sorted out the cards and finally the winners were announced - it was interesting to know that in the better ball doubles - for which there were six prizes - there were 4 teams with 41 points. There were 2 teams with 42 points and it was Vic Hilliard & George Kirk who just pipped Pauline Hilliard & Martin Dawkins on handicap to slip into 6th place. One point better on 43 was the team of David Wilson & Adrian Reading..with Peter Marler & Marie Wilson on 44 points taking 5th and 4th places.

The top three pairs were also only separated by one point...in third place on 45 points was the team of Alison Kirk & Janice Marler (well done for pipping the husbands ladies !) and the runners up - on 46 points - was the team of vice Lady Captain Kate Bradley with Corinna Dawkins..but, the delighted and triumphant winners on 47 points were the team of Lady Captain Loraine Murphy and Roger Harman :)

We then moved on to the Individual Stableford scores - Vic Hilliard claimed second place with a score of 37 points but, and we know that everyone agreed, it was brilliant to see the fantastic young Mr David Millar with a score of 39 points claim the Men's Trophy and first prize.

However, the ladies were on fighting form and also on 39 points but pipped into 4th place on handicap (17) was the delightful Barbara Reading with Corinna Dawkins (hcp 16) taking 3rd place. Marjan Harman played beautifully for both days but her score of 40 points only saw her take second place as on winning form (I'm convinced it was that third Gin & Tonic that did the trick ) saw Isabella Rippinger claim the Ladies Trophy and first prize with a magnificent 45 points !

That evening we all went to the fantastic and beautifully decorated high end restaurant La Carbona where everyone had an experience for the senses, with either a 5 or 7 course meal with wine/sherry pairings, or savoured a taste of Jerez via the classic dishes on the A La Carte menu.

No prizes for guessing where we ended up………yep - The Panda Bar for a great end to a great few days.

After breakfast we headed for the golf club again and played the singles matches. Damien absconded and went round handing out drinks and snacks. The greens were definitely quicker today so made it more difficult. It was really hot and humid and after a couple of rough nights we were glad to cool off in the clubhouse. The winners were announced and as usual on winning form it was Isabella and the winning man was the fantastic young Mr David Millar.

L/r Isabella & Annie.

Kate on behalf of all who were there presented the Captains with a night away in the Higueron Hotel and Spa as a thank you.

In the evening we went to a fantastic and beautifully decorated high end restaurant where everyone had either a 7 course meal with wine parings or the A La Carte menu. Guessing where we ended up………yep The Panda Bar for a great end to a great few days. THANKS TO LORAINE AND DAMIEN.”

L/r Kate & Corinna runners up with 46 points to the unfilmed winners Loraine & Roger!
L/r Corinna. Marjan, Martin, Roger for their un-reported success!


It’s that Kate again:

“With the European team trailing in the real Ryder Cup, it was the same for the European side in La Cala’s Ryder Cup where the Red Team were leading by 7/2 so a lot of catching up was needed. However, for the European side the Rest of the World were just too good on the day and they increased their winning streak by 12 points to 8 on the final day. The end result therefore, was Europe 10 points, The Rest of the World 19 , so a rather convincing victory.

Kate called the winners up to receive their Gold Medals and a nice bottle of wine but the runners up also were given silver medals to remember the day. The handsome trophy (originally donated by Thomas Widegren) was presented by Damien to Peter Bradley and the victorious team applauded their win.

The winning team.

The announcements were followed by some very tasty Tapas and a drink for everyone and as people gently trickled out to get home to watch the real thing the proceedings came to an end.”


Illustrious record setting victors.

Not having many (?any) supporters didn’t help our cause, nor a weird captaincy either, but few can argue with the outcome? A thrashing was on the cards from the first session. The weather was kind, the local supporters reasonably well behaved, and most of the golf of the highest order, including our own Rahm & Garcia combo. Lean years ahead one suspects.


Cudeca officials join our team responsible for organising and raising a best ever 13.054,16 euros for a very worthy cause. L/r Sean Corte Real, General Manager La Cala, Susan Hannam, Vice President Cudeca, Loraine Murphy, Lady Captain. Peter Bradley, Vice Captain, Kate Bradley, Lady Vice Captain, Robert Mitchell, Director of Golf


Daniil Medmedev is the No 2 in the tennis world who upset No 1 in the final of the U S Open tennis. Statistically Novak Djokovic is already accepted as the best player ever but he was looking to gain a fourth major in the same year and to step one ahead of Federer and Nadal. It was not to be. Beaten in three straight sets too. The fighter we have all come to recognise and expect simply didn’t show up. For Daniil it was a first Grand Slam but there are likely to be more from this member of the Young Brigade.

The protagonists.


The Scribbler used to score quite a lot of goals in his soccer playing days, and grew up in the same sector of East London as Jimmy Greaves. There the similarity ended. “Greavsie” went on to become a prolific professional, at club and international level, and but for injury might well have been in Ramsey’s World Cup winning team back in 1966. After a life of highs and very lows he has just passed away at the age of 81. A much loved sportsman who made the difficult look so easy.


Connie departed the La Cala scene last year but is unlikely to ever be forgotten. A great player, friendly competitor, good sense of humour, and an unusual organiser! She left behind an early legacy in the shape of a Trophy to be played for by the Ladies RollUp section annually. Janice Marler is the organiser these days and has provided the following report on this year’s battle:

"With heavy rain forecast and the skies threatening, 14 ladies assembled on Campo America for the second playing of The Connie Farewell Trophy. Connie presented the Farewell Tournament Trophy to winner Kate Bradley in 2020 and it was decided then to make it an annual event. In the abscence of Connie providing the format for the day, for which she is infamous, it was decided to play a simple individual stableford event. Thankfully the rain stayed away and the trophy was closely fought for with the first three positions being 38 Pauline Hilliard, 37 Marjan Harman, 36 Anne Mills. Connie sent a message to the ladies for the day and explained that Raoul and her were very busy with moving apartments and "UNFORTUNATELY I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO MAKE A SPECIAL FORMAT FOR THE TOURNAMENT, BUT I PROMISE NEXT YEAR I WILL BE THERE. MISS YOU AND LA CALA - HAD A GREAT TIME. A LOT OF LOVE TO ALL MY DEAR LA CALA GIRLS. LOVE, CONNIE“

L/r Winner and Organiser.
Missing you Connie.


“Sergio García and Dustin Johnson were the first recipients of the Nicklaus-Jacklin Award presented by AON, which recognizes sportsmanship, teamwork and results, at the conclusion of the 43rd Ryder Cup held on the Whistling Straits golf course in the town of Sheboygan, on the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, USA. Garcia and Johnson were selected as representatives of each team in the spirit of the famous 1969 concession, when Jack Nicklaus conceded a 2-foot putt to Tony Jacklin to equalize a match that resulted in the first draw in history of the Ryder Cup.”


A computer glitz delayed the results for Tuesday 28/9 thus delaying this contribution from Loraine Murphy:

“We are coming to the end of our 2020/2021 golfing calendar and the Stableford League battle is in full swing. With only one more Stableford qualifying competition left on Tuesday 5th October it is going to take a big win to separate the top few players and guarantee the win.

In the Ladies competition it is wide open .. and any of the top 4 ladies could take the title but, with both Laura and Pauline unavailable to play, the bets will be on for either Isabella or Jill - who will both need to post a score of at least 36 points - with Jill needing to score two points more than Isabella to take the crown from Laura - that is very close ladies. So no pressure then !

The Men’s League is just as close with any of the men in joint 3rd place technically being able to replace Vic at the top of the board…as Vic is unavailable to play on 5th October, although Hugo, Roy and Barry would need to score 44 points.. stranger things have happened!

However, it is Mike Fisher that all eyes will be on as to take the title he only needs to score better than 35 points, which he has been able to do a number of times this season.. it’s all in your hands Mike!

The prizegiving for both the Medal & the Stableford League will be on Sunday 5th December. See you there :)”


The league tables above include Tuesday 28/9 scores which, for technical reasons, have yet to appear on Scribbler’s desktop Apple but apparently are available on some mobiles. Don’t ask!

Anyway, the headlines reveal the top scores as follows:

Ladies = 37 Karen O’Connor, 36 Isabella Rippinger on handicap from Carin Ollson.

Men= 41 Les Wicks, 40 Derek Steele, 37 David Wilson on handicap from Stephen Mason and David Evans.


Talk is cheap because the supply exceeds the demand.